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Advertising photos for your company: The own Advertising photos for the company are an important Sales assistant for Internet, Catalogue, Shop window or Press.

In this case, we were commissioned by Coiffeur Team Lüppertz in Kempen to take company photos of hairstyles.

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We take professional portraits and image photos of managing directors, executives, freelance and salaried employees for your homepage or your annual report/brochure.

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The photo shoot was accompanied by a make-up artist and the managing director of the company. Not only we had a lot of fun, but also the ladies, who were portrayed in various poses and lighting environments. It was all about the three themes of "cut", "curls" and "colour", which were staged using appropriate hairstyles and clothing/styling.

The photos show three results of the photo shoot, which are now being used by the company for its own advertising. The graphic design of the three themes was also realised by us. The photos hang as huge posters in the hairdresser's shop windows. By the way, a glamour shoot is also a great idea for private use...

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As a company, you will always receive our photographs in highest resolutionwith editing and cropping on request. We work with the most modern photographic equipment, which Colour calibrated and thus guarantees perfect results for your advertising. All photos are available on Data carrier for your agency or your own further processing of all media such as annual reports, brochures, flyers, press, intranet or internet. We work with a first-class reputation almost exclusively on the recommendation of major German companies (Bofrost, Underberg, etc.).

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