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The Application for the Job search has changed dramatically in recent years: anyone who now wants a Job opportunity requires excellent application documents and these are usually digital (PDF).

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Digital application via PDF

Most applications today are digital as PDF submitted to the company. To do this, you create a Digital application folderwhich you send to the personnel decision-makers by e-mail. Alternatively, some companies have a Formwhich you fill in as an applicant.

While both ways of applying are modern and the old paper application is dying out, the criteria for the application portfolio in the job search are still strict and Conservative.

To stand out as an applicant from other digital applications to emphasisethere are only very Few possibilities:

  • Creative cover letter
  • Better application photo
  • Design of the documents

In any case, the company you are applying to wants to recognise that you are Effort with the application. As a rule, this means that you should give all documents, the layout, the photo and the cover letter a great deal of attention. Attention to dedicate.

Job opportunity application photo

If it is a Job advertisementIf the company is looking for a job, it will usually receive many applications. According to the recruiters, the selection of applicants is always the same:

When looking at the application folder, two piles are created: Pile A contains the application folders whose application photo is appealing, while Pile B contains the folders that do not have a meaningful application photo or in which the person does not appeal to the decision-maker. It doesn't matter whether they are paper applications or digital PDF applications. The procedure is always similar.

Better application photos Photographer Peter Roskothen Photo studio The best application photos

The boss / personnel decision-maker then checks the folders from pile A for the applicant's skills for the job advertisement. The applicants in pile A are then Invited for an interview. Shortly before the meeting or even during the application appointment, the CV and cover letter are then reviewed. After the interview, the job search may prove successful.

Even with a Unsolicited application similar rules apply. Firstly, your application portfolio is looked at for the photo. This takes about three to five seconds. Then it is determined whether your portfolio will be considered at all.

The cover letter, design and application photo are therefore high priorities. These documents are the only way to stand out from the mass of applications and you only have one chance.

Mr Thiel is an application expert (quote):

Every HR department uses the application photo as a very important first impression of an applicant.

If a photographer succeeds in capturing an applicant's personality in a positive way, a successful photo can cover up missing characteristics and open the door to a job interview.

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