Application photos are the most important photos

Important criteria for the application are flawless documents and a special application photo
Anyone who changes jobs and wants to have a job nowadays needs Excellent, professional application photos (often confused with passport photos) that stand out.

Tip photographer application photos:

Important for modern application photos are posture and body language, as well as friendliness. The personnel decision-makers at many companies are tired of standard photos and would like to see a smile on a photo. special application photo see. In addition, such recruitment professionals pay attention to many other things: Seriousness, Good clothing, Dynamics. Capturing all of this in a photo is the high The art of application photography and the Photographers. And anyone looking for a job knows how important such photos are for your portfolio and CV, how much you need to feel confident with them.

Application photos are the most important photos Photographer Peter Roskothen

We photograph application photos with many years of experience and have some examples for you on the following page:

Examples of modern application photos

The better application photo

Job application photos that are taken in five minutes are usually a total loss. You need to feel comfortable with your application photos at the interview. This includes a modern, up-to-date photo that will impress your potential employer. Many applications are successful simply because of a good portrait and lead to an invitation and later employment. As always in life, it's the "chemistry" that counts, i.e. the charisma that comes across in the application photo.

We often hear the sentence: "I'm not photogenic and hate photos of myself." That will certainly change when you visit us, because we know how to make you look good, we have time for you and the best photos for your new job.

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