Architectural photography

Architectural photography should be photographed in an exciting and interesting way to make it appealing

In architectural photography, photographers are interested in modern buildings with interesting geometries, old buildings with beautiful spiral staircases and, of course, large buildings such as railway stations or the Bundestag.

Architectural photography with a difference

Architectural photography Düsseldorf suspension railway photographer Peter Roskothen commercial photography

Whenever designers bring shapes into play, it becomes interesting to realise them photographically. Even some Architectural office creates beautiful geometries that are worth looking at and are a treat for the eye.

The suspension railway in this photo below was travelling through the sky above me and the camera. However, the vertical perspective is particularly exciting because the curves of the track and the building add dynamism. In addition, the shutter speed creates action in this shot as the railway passes through the picture.

The high-contrast black and white architectural photo of the railway and the building was photographed with an extremely wide angle to achieve the effect. This is particularly useful for photographers in the Business photography and advertising photography is often necessary to achieve short distances to the object or maximum viewing angles.

Architectural photography course

Photo training Photo course Learn photography PhotographerIf you are also interested in architectural photography or building photography and would like to expand your knowledge of photography in theory and practice, then you might be interested in our architectural photography training course. You can find it in the link below. Our photography courses are of interest to all private photo amateurs who are passionate about photography and for companies such as Property company, Real estate agent, Architects or Appraiser.

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