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Architectural photos of buildings or Interior fittings are created by photographer Peter Roskothen for companies, property companies and for owners.
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We created these interior design photos for the presentation of the fittings in catalogues, folders and shop windows, which are also used in large format and in enlarged sections for the shop window display and consultation on modern media such as an iPad or tablets.

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With the Architectural photography, interior design photography and the Interior design photography we have been involved for a long time and take high-resolution photographs for The company from many sectors (including property companies, architects, banks and landlords). In addition to technical expertise, interior photography requires experience in dealing with light and professional image processing for a perfect look. Successful real estate companies and landlords are increasingly turning to our services because they too have recognised that buildings and premises are best communicated with professional photos.

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    I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer, photo artist and designer for the Düsseldorf area, the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr region, NRW. I take professional architectural photos for companies, businesses, property agencies and landlords. For many years I have also been training photography for companies that are constantly looking for good Property photos are dependent on.

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