Beginner photo course

In this Beginner photo course conveys the Roskothen School of Photography the basics of photography and how to use your digital camera better.

Do you have a new camera or would you like to learn how to use your existing digital camera better? With the photo training for beginners learn the right exposure for landscape photos, nature photos, portraits and other photo genres. Here you can read what you can learn as a beginner in photography:

Beginner photography course for beginners

The better beginner photo course

You have a high-quality digital cameraor a smartphone (e.g. iPhone), a mirrorless system camera, a compact camera, a bridge camera or a single-lens reflex camera? Would you like to learn how to take photos properly? Perhaps you already often use the fully automatic system or the Automatic programme. You enjoy taking good photos with it, but you want more:

Your camera can do more - you can learn this quickly and easily

You want to know what else you can do with the camera (including the one in your smartphone). You would probably like to Hobby photography expand? Or would you like to learn how to discover photography, improve the composition of your pictures and take good photos even in the dark?

In our Photo school for beginners you will learn the necessary details and go into detail with me as a trainer. Photo excursion. You consolidate the theory you have learnt and immediately translate it into better photographs. You will take better photos during the photo excursion. I will show you new motifs, different perspectives and how to discover photographic opportunities.

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Better recordings for beginners

I will help you the full potential of your eyes and your camera and even better pictures to shoot. You will learn exactly how to use your digital camera in your very own photography course.

From beginner to amateur photographer in the shortest possible time thanks to an individual course. From snapping to taking photos.

Photo course contents Technique and image composition:

  • How does the digital camera work? How do the aperture and shutter work? You get to know your own digital camera
  • How do you hold the camera correctly and steady?
  • Automatic exposure and manual exposure Which setting is best for portraits, family photos, nature photos, landscape photos?
  • Aperture, exposure time and ISO, manual exposure correction - the camera does not always set the correct brightness.
  • Sheep depth
  • Get to know your lens. How do I change the lens safely? What is the difference between a zoom and a fixed focal length?
  • Autofocus versus manual focusing - changing the autofocus field
  • Colours of the camera. What is white balance? Why is it necessary?
  • Camera menu, customisations, user settings
  • The optical viewfinder or a live image?
  • Better flash for portraits. Why should I flash during the day?
  • Image composition. Eye tracking and composition for better photos
  • Image editing - Why edit images?
  • and much more...

Digital cameras overview, Roskothen Photo School

Advantages of a better photo course for beginners

What makes this beginner photography course better than others? Why should you choose it as a beginner in photography? There are many reasons. As a trainer, I would like to offer you a better course than a group course. Many of my photography students come to me and tell me about group courses in which they didn't learn much. I think that's a great pity.

I have been thinking about the reasons for the lack of success of group courses. Of course, not every photographer is a good photo trainer. On the other hand, no trainer in a group course can be more specific to you personally, nor to your particular camera. There are always many different cameras in a group course. But that won't get you anywhere. I teach you photography much better:

  1. Individual photo course advantage!You are the only participant of the photo course (Exception: couples course or course for two friends / relatives). You will receive a course tailored to your coordinated Photo training. Get answers to your questions Your answers. This makes the course really intensive and you learn an incredible amount in a short space of time.
  2. Let me explain Your digital camera (or your smartphone).
  3. You choose the Course date with me as your trainer.
  4. I, Peter Roskothen, am your photo trainer. As a professional photographer and photojournalist, you will receive beginner photographers valuable Tips from professional experienceto Beginner's mistake to be avoided.
  5. I will advise you on your Photographic equipment.
  6. Theory and the own photo excursion make the success.
  7. You may upload your photographs to * exhibit and learn from comments.

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Camera brand doesn't matter

digital camera

It doesn't matter whether you are a Smartphonea Compact cameraa Bridge cameraa mirrorless System camera or own an SLR camera. The brand of the camera is also the same: iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic. The brand of your digital camera is irrelevant. The main thing is that you have a digital camera that you like and that you want to get to know better.


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Even with a smartphone such as the iPhone, you can take excellent photos with the basic photography course.

Photography courses for beginners

In addition to the training you will receive Valuable tips from me. Besides new photo motifs, new perspectivesone better image compositionand the correct Exposure I will also show you the simple Focussing for various tasks. We photograph portraits, nature photos and several great assignments together. Together we develop even more views and possibilities. In the end, you will see other photo motifs and take much better and more intensive photos.

Basic photography course - Duration

Photo training for beginners is free in terms of timing and content. Your course lasts three hours Theory and photo excursion:

Basic courseBasic beginner photo course

3 hours of theory and photo excursion, task for the next own project

Premium coursePremium photo course

Appointment 1: 3 hours of theory, photo excursion, assignment for your own project
Appointment 2: 3 hours to answer questions in the meantime, deepen know-how, photo excursion or photo studio

Course deLuxePhoto course deLuxe

Appointment 1: 3 hours theory, photo excursion, task for own project
Appointment 2: 3 hours to answer questions from the first appointment, deepen knowledge, photo excursion
Appointment 3: 3 hours of photo editing, photo archiving, photo backup, calibration of digital camera and monitor, backup of photos

There should always be some time between the photo courses so that you can practise. If you would like a follow-up course (not absolutely necessary, but a good idea if you would like to learn more), make sure you book the second and third course dates. Questionsthat have arisen in the meantime while taking photographs.

Where does the basics course for me as a beginner take place?

The better beginner photo course can take place here at the Roskothen photo school in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. Alternatively, I can also come to you or to a special location for Sports photographyanimal photography or similar.

But: with us in Grefrath you will receive a Time out from everyday life. Learn photography in peace and quiet. Grefrath is easy to reach from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, but also from other federal states. Photo beginners from all over Germany now travel to the Roskothen photo school in Grefrath. If you would like to book a Premium photo course on a Friday / Saturday, we recommend that you stay overnight. I will show you hotels and restaurants in advance for booking or reservation.

Photo training for beginners

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI create your personalised photo course after a few simple questions. You will receive a non-binding offer for your own basic course.
Telephone photo trainer Peter Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or:

    I would like to get to know my digital camera better
    I would like to know more about depth of field
    I would like to learn portrait photography
    I would like to learn nature photography
    I would like to take better photos in the house
    I would like to take better photos with flash
    I would like to take more beautiful photos on holiday
    I would like to find my photos more easily
    I would like to keep my photos safe
    Other interest

    I am interested in without obligation:

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    Gift idea beginner photo course

    Would you like to give a beginner's photography course as a gift?

    TipAs a customer of a photo course at the Roskothen Photo School, you are automatically invited to the annual group excursions. These are photo excursions with other students where you can exchange ideas with me and others. As a photo trainer, I will accompany you with help and advice.


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    Questions and answers about the beginner course (FAQ)

    Does the age of the participant play a role?

    No, I teach children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens.

    Is an individual course difficult?

    No, we start where you are with your know-how and then build up very carefully and calmly. Later in the course, we put everything into practice (photo excursion).

    What does a course cost?

    Please ask for your personalised offer in the form below or give me a call. Tell me whether you would like the basic, premium or deLuxe photo course. You will receive a detailed reply.

    Can I give the photo course for beginners as a gift?

    Sure. You will receive a gift voucher by post or as a PDF and can give it as a gift. The recipient then makes the appointment with me.

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