The best photo courses - Roskothen Photo School

The best photo courses are individual coursesour photo students say. They learn as Beginner how to handle your camera precisely. As an advanced Amateur photographer we build in the Roskothen School of Photography your existing knowledge. We also have the best photo training courses for companies. Here we show you the possibilities:

The best photo courses - Roskothen Photo School

The best photo courses at the Roskothen Photo School

The best thing about the photo training courses is that they Time free and are only agreed with the trainer. Apart from that, you naturally learn much more, faster and much more intensively in individual photography courses.

A mixture of theory and practice makes the best photo courses

The mixture of Theory and practice (own photo excursion) is customised to your needs. In general, there are no photo courses without a photo excursion (or photo studio), because it is precisely with this practice that you learn photography even better. The basics are important, because without them you can't take better photos in the long term. For beginners, this includes knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. For the advanced amateur photographer, there are special topics that you want to learn. These can be photo courses on photo genres such as travel photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, macro photography or street photography.

Of course, you can also learn a technique instead of a genre. HDR photography, flash photography including unleashed flash, tripod photography, low-light photography, studio photography or other important topics.

Whatever you want to learn: the best photography courses are always customised!

Photo courses for two

Our photography courses for two are also individualised. Whether you want to learn with your partner, a friend, child or godchild, you learn together on the course. This makes sense if you share the hobby afterwards, spend time together with photography and exchange ideas about this wonderful hobby. The only requirement for the photography courses for two is that you are both at a similar level of expertise.

Better photo courses are fun

The world is full of photo opportunities. Whether you travel a lot or enjoy taking photos in your home country, photography is one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world. What's more, it has to do with art and is quickly used to exhibit your own pictures. Regardless of whether you show your photos on the Internet or hang them on the wall at home:

Photography is great fun

The photo courses of the Photo school Roskothen will motivate you to the hilt. If you have already enjoyed photography before or simply find the hobby fascinating, then you will be fascinated after your photo course photograph everything that's not up to scratch.

Overview of photo courses at the Roskothen Photo School

Photography courses for beginners

Beginner photography course for beginners

Especially for you as a beginner, it is extremely important to receive personalised and individual training. In such a personalised photography course, we can focus precisely on your camera, your goals and your questions:

Photo course for beginners >>

Photo courses for advanced photo amateurs

Photography course for advanced photographers, amateurs and enthusiasts

Are you beyond the basics and can already handle aperture, shutter speed, ISO and more? Regardless of whether you notice gaps in this list or are already confident, in the individual course for you as an advanced amateur photographer we will address the topics that interest you or that you would like to develop further. This means that you ask your questions and receive valuable answers:

Photo course for advanced photo amateurs >>

Photo courses for two / couples, friends, relatives, ...

Photo course, photo school, Roskothen photo school, couple photo course, photo course for two people

If there are two of you, whether you are a couple, friends, godmother and godchild, relatives, then photography is twice as much fun together. If you come to my course as a couple, then it is still very individually tailored to you both. We can also get to know two cameras together and expand both of your knowledge:

Photo course for two / couples >>

Photography courses for children and young people

Photo training for children and young people - Roskothen Photo School

There are only a few good trainers in Germany who are good at teaching photography to children and young people. Yet it is so important to establish a relationship with photography and the art of photography, especially in the early years. As with music lessons, you as parents should be prepared to support your children:

Photography course for children and young people >>

Photo courses in image composition

Image composition, image design, photo course at the Roskothen Photo School

Artistic photography begins when you know exactly how people look at and judge a photo. In this Photo course image composition you will learn what is important when creating a photograph. The image composition is interesting for every ambitious amateur photographer:

Photo courses in image composition >>

Nature photography courses

Photo course nature photography photo school Niederrhein learn photography voucher gift

Nature photography is great fun. For an outstanding nature photo, you will learn the technique, the view, the perspective and the discovery of motifs. In this nature photography course, you will learn how best to create a nature photo, how to break the rules and get creative:

Nature photography course >>

Learn macro photography courses

Kasteeltuinen photography course - learning to compose images

Macro photography has its pitfalls. If you would like to know how to create the most beautiful pictures, how to master the technique and bring home the most beautiful macro photos, then join me on a discovery tour (theory and practice, all individually tailored to you):

Macro photography course >>

Portrait photography courses

Portrait photography course

You can learn the technique and handling for portrait photography. It is best if you are perfectly familiar with the technique, as you want to guide your model. You will also learn how to use flash or unleashed flash in this course:

Portrait photography course >>

Sports photography and action photography courses

Sports photography course

Photo courses holiday photography / travel photography

Photo course holiday photos

Animal photography / wildlife photography courses

Animal photography course

Photo courses image processing / Lightroom / Photoshop

Photo course digital image processing

Street photography courses / Street Photography

Street photography course

Ideal photo courses with overnight stay - photo training for one weekend / two courses

Photo course Kasteeltuinen - photo training long exposure, macro, nature

Photo courses iPhone

iPhone photo course

Photography courses Fujifilm cameras

Photo course Fujifilm cameras

Photo courses Nikon cameras

Nikon photo course - Photo school

The best photography courses for companies

Company photo training


Learn property photography / architectural photography courses

Real estate photography course - architectural photography

New photo courses

You can find new photo courses in our special section. Here we describe special courses that can also be held at specific locations, for example:

You can find the new photo courses here >>

References - What our photo students say

Raoph Kossmann

As a "newcomer" to a long neglected hobby, two mornings of photography lessons with Mr Roskothen were a complete success for me. Why?

Mr Roskothen did not reel off an abstractly prepared programme. Instead, in an open and relaxed atmosphere, we first considered what I was (not yet) able to do and what I would like to learn as part of the photography course, based on some of the pictures I had brought with me. On this basis, Mr Roskothen brought out "buried knowledge" in me and also taught me new things. He was always open to questions, which he answered comprehensively.

It was also particularly positive that the training did not stop at imparting theoretical knowledge, but was followed by practical training both indoors and outdoors - with numerous worthwhile motifs in the immediate vicinity - and I also found it very helpful that the training took place with the cameras I actually use and that I received a lot of advice on how to use my cameras in particular.

Ultimately, the photography course not only taught me what I had booked it for, but Mr Roskothen also gave me ideas for future photographic work that I wouldn't have come up with on my own.


Maike Lehmann

Dear Mr Roskothen!

Here in the house you are "Peter", then everyone knows! I really must complain! Michael used to take a lot of photos, and I was also to be seen from time to time. Since his course with you, he has photographed EVERYTHING. We were at Lake Garda for a few days and it was really BAD. He was constantly stuck to walls, walls, ruins or waiting for the next ray of sunshine or for the tourists to finally leave the path so that he could capture the symmetry of the stones in the picture. However, there is one advantage to this photomania: I only briefly point out which shop I'm going to while he stands somewhere and takes pictures. This saves me having to deal with the male grumbling while I'm shopping and he can take his picture in peace. "Peter said ... (there are lots of examples here)" has also become a common saying in our house! I'm afraid he'll be coming back to your course next year at the latest to "talk shop". No, quite honestly: it must have been simply amazingly good, nice and great with you. The only question is how we will survive the summer holiday!!!!!!! Once again, my sincere respect for your work!

Kind regards

Maike L.

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