Black and white photo course

The b/w photo course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced photo amateurs. It is a individual black and white photo course. Here is the detailed information:

Black and white photo course - Fotoschule Roskothen

Black and white photography course for beginners and photo amateurs

Black and white photography is also known as monochrome photography labelled. Monochrome basically means monochrome. This type of photography is therefore reduced to shades of grey (sometimes a tint = duotone). The strength of monochrome photography lies precisely in this reduction

Have you probably already photographed in black and white? It is really very interesting to see which motifs are recommended for black and white. It's about structures, lines, light and shadow, portraits, industry, technology, street photography, urban photography, but also nature, Architecturewedding, nude, and even macro photography. Perhaps you can even think of other motifs...

The course can address the following elements:

  • Thinking and seeing in black and white
  • Record in black and white
  • Convert from colour to black and white
  • Monochrome printing


Questions about black and white photography

But how do you even find out which colour image is worth taking as a black and white image? What settings do I need to make on a camera to get the best possible black and white image? Can I use image editing to create a particularly good black and white image from a colour image? Which image processing and image editing tools can I use to convert a photo as quickly and effectively as possible? How do I tone a monochrome image? Are there special image editing techniques? Do I have to print black and white images myself or can I use a service provider?

As this is a personalised photography course, we build on your existing know-how and add valuable knowledge to it. Of course, the theory can be rounded off with your own photo excursion.

Who is your trainer?

I, Peter Roskothen, have been passionate about black and white photography since my youth. I am particularly fond of the square black and white format. I myself am a photographer, photo trainer and specialised journalist for photography. This combination allows me to teach you exactly what you would like to learn. I can also advise you on your photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, bags, rucksacks, etc.).

Where does the training take place?

My photo studio in Grefrath is the best place for beginners in black and white photography. Here you have peace and quiet and can progress your hobby in a relaxed and enjoyable way. A photo excursion to the nearby parks can round off your monochrome photography training.

What about the dates?

As this is an individual black and white photography course, you only need to agree the date with me. You are therefore largely free to choose the date.

Black and white photo course

How can I find out more?

Simply call me on the following telephone number:

Peter Roskothen - 02158 404062 or use the form below for quick contact.

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