Capture One Fuji Online Course

You love your Fujifilm camera, want to Capture One Fuji Online Course Image Editing Software and use it to develop your photographs? This simple and time-saving Capture One Fuji online course will answer all your questions about image processing:

Photo course Capture One image editing

Individual Capture One Fuji Online Course Image Editing of the Roskothen School of Photography.

Capture One for Fujifilm RAW

Capture One is an image editing software for JPG or RAW from Fujifilm cameras and others. The software includes the Fuji X-System cameras as well as the GFX cameras. Both RAW data can be excellently developed with Capture One. The advantages before Adobe Lightroom are mainly in the colours, sharpness, export and tethering. We photographers are also allowed to licence Capture One (C1 for short) on a one-off basis. It makes sense to licence and work with the Capture One Fuji software version.

Customised Capture One Fuji Online Course

Your personalised Capture One Fuji online course is designed to help you get started and improve your knowledge of photography and image editing. The distance learning course is very easy thanks to the Zoom software, which saves you travelling time, protects the environment and works from anywhere in the world. The Capture One Fuji online course has another advantage: you can record the photo training for yourself and watch it again and again.

We focus on efficient working methods, optimising your workflow so that you spend less time in front of the computer and can find your photos again at any time. I myself shoot with Fujifilm X-System cameras and GFX cameras and edit my photos with Capture One. Furthermore, I can explain the software and all the other details to you in an understandable way, as I have been teaching individual courses for many years.

Customised Capture One Fuji Online Course

Learn C1 online

There are only advantages to online learning. In addition to the aforementioned driver savings, the protection of our environment, the fast learning time and the recording of the course, your training is personalised. If you wish, we can also go into more detail about camera technology, image composition, backing up your own photos and much more.

You will learn how to use Capture One perfectly, how to sort and edit your photos in the best possible way and how to get the most out of your photos using the tools. C1's photo export is particularly ideal, as it allows relative saving as well as absolute paths. We can use this to optimise your image paths, as this saves an enormous amount of time. Regardless of whether you save the photos directly on your computer or use an external storage device such as a NAS.

With C1, layer techniques of the various tools are possible. This is not only particularly practical, but also saves time. I will teach you how to mask and separately influence certain areas of your photographs.

Tethering in the photo studio or at the photo location is also extremely practical and reliable in C1. Here you will quickly realise the advantage of sessions compared to C1 catalogues. Sessions can also be imported into catalogues.

Date and price Capture One Fuji Online Course

The date for your Capture One distance learning course is just as individual as the content of the course. You are welcome to call me for an appointment or suggest possible times by email. I recommend a maximum of 2 hours because the course is very intensive, but you also have the option of shortening or extending it.

If you have not yet licenced Capture One Fuji Software, wait until you do, because with the photo course with me you can get a 10 % discount on your version.

We charge your individual Capture One Fuji online course fairly and inexpensively according to time. The minimum time online is 30 minutes, from the fourth hour you even get a discount. Please ask me about the conditions in the form, as they depend on whether you are receiving the course privately or for business:

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Tel.: 02158 404062 or simply and quickly via the form:

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