Company photos Duesseldorf photographer

Photographer company photos Duesseldorf Lower Rhine Ruhr area

LEven and natural company photos make an impression! The company Sopexa from Duesseldorf works with French food and has shared her modern photographs with us for the intranet and Press releases made. Managing Director Sylvain Rouchy (for Germany and Austria) made the connection to the products. That's why he not only opens a bottle of French wine, but also boldly bites into a baguette or has a sense of humour and sees connections between an egg and himself.

The employee photos (not on display) show courageous people with wooden spoons across their mouths, an employee juggling apples, an employee who seems to be pulling the cork of a high-quality red wine with his teeth and many more funny moments. Pure lifestyle and joie de vivre with other photographs.

Company photos Duesseldorf photographer

Funny & Modern Company Photo Duesseldorf

Portraits company photos Duesseldorf and surroundings

The idea of the portrait in black and white and the Product in colour came from the company Sopexa and emphasises the service field.


Many thanks to Mr Sylvain Rouchy for his kind permission to publish this selection of photos!

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Photographer modern and lively company photo Duessedorf

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