Distance learning course in photography Image design Image editing easy to learn online

In the Distance learning photography you can quickly learn photography, image composition or image editing online from home. This is especially convenient and Successfulbecause you sit with a cup of coffee or tea in your own ambience and learn image editing or image design on your computer. This personalised course is also so successful because you get all your questions answered with your own pictures:

Photography at home or Learning image compositionsimple and individual.

Customised distance learning course in photography Image design Image editing

If you want to save travelling time or live further away from Grefrath near Krefeld, you can continue your training from home. Your passion for photography wins online. As a trainer, I will help you from my office to learn how to create or edit images on your computer with your photos using remote maintenance software.

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Advantages of the distance learning course in digital photography Image editing

The advantages of the distance learning photography course are

  • Save on travelling time and costs, as well as CO2 footprint.
  • You work on your computer with your photos and your camera.
  • Shorter courses have greater learning success. We can plan course intervals.
  • You see my camera from a distance and can transfer the settings. I will display the menu on your monitor.
  • You may record the course (do not pass it on to friends or relatives). You can watch the course again at any time and simply transfer perfect camera settings.
  •  You learn at a time of your choice.
  • You can plan your online photography training whenever you need to.

Learning photography from home

It's all very simple: you contact me for your preferred date and download remote maintenance software in advance so that I can watch you work on your computer. In fact, I can even help you from my studio and, at your request, guide your mouse while you watch and follow everything. This remote course is possible thanks to the remote maintenance software. We talk on the phone at the same time. You can put your phone on speaker / speakerphone. The course is very simple and great fun. You can learn in the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea or coffee.

Advantages of the distance learning course:

  • Contactless training
  • No journey time
  • Learn exactly on your computer
  • View your images for image effect
  • Edit your images
  • Your desired date
  • Customised training just for your knowledge and your questions

Distance learning course in image design

There are two options for the distance learning course in image design:

  1. You will receive a photographic assignment from me and photograph a specific theme
  2. You already have some good and problematic photos that we can look at together

In the distance learning course, we take a close look at your pictures and you learn how people look at a photo, what they pay attention to and how you can guide the viewer of your photos photographically. You will learn about image composition and the artistic side of photography.

  • What effect does a photo have?
  • What do you look for when you look at a picture?
  • How is a good image constructed?
  • How can I guide the viewer photographically?

We can also use this opportunity to talk about different image sections and image ratios. At the same time, you can ask all your questions and get answers from me as a professional photographer and trainer.

Information on photo training in image design >>

Distance learning course in image processing

In addition to image design, you can also learn image editing in a distance learning course. All you need is your image editing software, your computer and free remote maintenance software (Zoom):

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