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One thing should be said up front: I don't normally like photos of myself. I rarely recognise myself as I see myself in them. A forced smile and a slightly insecure look are my trademark, perhaps you recognise that. Fabulous basic requirements for a successful application, aren't they? "Dear Sir or Madam, do you perhaps need a competent employee and colleague? Ignore the application picture, that's not me...really not!" - No, I realised that I needed really good photos for the first really important job applications of my life, the ones I'm going to send out into the world after my studies, so I started looking for a photographer in the Mönchengladbach/Cologne/Düsseldorf area.

Field report on application photos by Judith Sch.

Application photo

Mr Roskothen's pictures stood out for me because the people photographed not only seemed to feel comfortable in their own skin, but also looked open, committed and self-confident. The many tips and hints on the website also gave the impression that I had found a photographer who knew his trade. Using the web form provided, I asked for more information about the shoot and promptly received an answer on the same day: a photo shoot lasting about an hour after discussing exactly what kind of job I wanted to apply for, the opportunity to be photographed in different outfits, a joint viewing and selection of the photos and the provision of these photos in a digital version, which would make it much easier for me to apply by email. That sounded really good and so I called Mr Roskothen the next day to make an appointment.

Experience report application photos

With the kindly provided directions, I arrived on time, with an ironed blouse in my luggage and - of course - a slightly insecure look on my face. The welcome was surprisingly warm for a professional appointment and the conversation beforehand was informal and relaxed. Knowing that I had someone in front of me who was just as interested as I was in coming out of the studio with the best possible result, I went in front of the lens and lo and behold - it worked! After a whole series of shots, open hair, closed hair, smiling, laughing, smirking, we looked at the pictures together in peace and quiet, piece by piece, and then chose two of the many beautiful shots (yes!, a completely unexpected situation for me). I actually had these edited and in digital form on the same day.

Now it says: "Dear Sir or Madam, do you perhaps still need a competent employee and colleague? Take a close look at the application picture, that's me!". I start the application process with confidence and self-assurance - I can't praise you more highly, Mr Roskothen. Thank you very much once again!


  1. Thank you very much Mrs S.! Super nice of you.

  2. A very nice report that I can only agree with!

    We looked for and found Peter as our wedding photographer.

    And our photos for the professional company presentation are of course also from him - and are very popular with interested parties. We often hear: "You look so likeable and natural in the photos on your website, that immediately appealed to us." That's how it should be!

    Incidentally, a customer also had her application photos taken by Peter on our recommendation - and it worked out straight away with the job, which fulfilled everything the customer wanted.

    The right photo can do so much.
    I can only recommend Peter too!

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