Looking for experience with a weblog or photoblog

How many of you have your own weblog or photoblog and what experiences have you had with it?

Do you still get comments? A few years ago there were actually still people who wrote comments and had real discussions. I don't think that exists anymore, does it? Has it all sunk into the monotony of Facebook now? Do people and so-called friends no longer have time for their own opinions or is it the case that everyone is bombarded with emails, newsletters and messages from Facebook and the like?

I have the impression that our culture has slowly given way to economic power. What does our culture still consist of when it comes to photography, for example? Has quality given way to quantity since we have digital cameras and thousands of photos? Does quality still play a role at all in art and culture or are Facebook, WhatsApp and other sites enough for people?

Smartphones, Facebook, sharing, liking, ...

I have the impression that it's all about quantity, no longer about the one photo, but only about the masses. No longer about the discussion, but only about publishing and sharing and liking. Everyone is busy with their smartphones, looking down at their devices. No one has conversations anymore, people just walk in parallel and prefer to chat on their phones rather than talk to each other.

Is that true? How do you see it? Is it just an overload of stimuli or do you see the chance that we will have time and leisure again?

Thanks for a discussion beyond smartphones and Facebook in the comments below!


  1. Hello, dear Peter!
    Fortunately, I think there are more and more people for whom quality is important - that's what you and we live from!
    On the other side, of course, there are the "cheap is cool" supporters. But then they also get "cheap" instead of good value. But you don't have to proselytise - everyone has their customers...

    There's simply no getting around smartphones, Facebook, What's App etc. these days... and for a long time I thought I didn't need them - but I have to admit, I've learnt to appreciate them. However, I don't collect so-called "friends", but only confirm friend requests from people I know in "real" life. And that's where technology helps me to keep in touch or arrange appointments.
    Responsible behaviour is of course all the more important - and I find it downright rude when people who visit me or sit opposite me are constantly looking at their smartphone. Personally, I believe that the most important person is always the person sitting opposite me. But in times of constant availability, it is a luxury to allow yourself times when you consciously take a step back - a real challenge for many!

    Admittedly, I don't comment on weblog posts either, because I prefer to have discussions and real conversations in a very private setting, preferably face to face, sometimes as a personal message, but not in public. These public discussions often get out of hand, and some comments that annoy me are best not responded to at all...

    Best regards!

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