7 gifts for photographers and amateur photographers

Find the best photography gift here for beginner photographersamateur photographers or photographers. These include photographic equipment, gift vouchers and photos as gifts for photography enthusiasts. We have a few great Gift ideas which you would like to send to a loved one, Amateur photographer or Photographer as a birthday present or Christmas present can hand over. These include inexpensive photography gifts of a few euros, but also valuable gifts (e.g. special gift idea photo course) for photographers and photo amateurs up to a value of 250 euros.

Gifts for Photographers Photos Gift Ideas Photo Amateur Photographer Birthday Christmas

These gifts for photographers are imaginative. It is for every wallet something for everyone. All of these gifts are fun, provided the recipient doesn't already have them. We also have a great idea for this case, whether you want to give it as a birthday present or a Christmas present:

Gift idea photo gift

  1. Gift photo cleaning < 20,- EUR

    Cleaning brush gift idea: Every photographer or amateur photographer regularly asks themselves: How do I clean the lens? Or: How do I clean the viewfinder? Here are three little things that you can give as a birthday present with wrapping paper and a bow: A cotton bud for the viewfinder. A Cleaning brush for dust on the lens. A particularly gentle cleaning cloth for raindrops or other dirt on the lens. For the cloth, which must not contain any crumbs or dust particles, go to an optician. What is good for the glasses is also great for the lens. Make sure it is a microfibre cloth and tell the optician what you want to give it for.

    Cleaning brush for lenses

    Cleaning Brushes Lens Gifts for Photographers

    Cleaning brush - This is a wonderful photo accessory gift!

    Alternatively, you can obtain a complete set for cleaning here >>
  2. Gift photo book photo idea < 30,- EUR

    Gift idea book photography: This Book for photographers is inspiring. It is not concerned with the technology of the camera, but with the photo and its design. Photographers will find wonderful Ideas in the book for beautiful days, but also for rainy days. The book sparkles with imagination and is fun to read, look at and work through. The photographer receiving the gift will be eternally grateful for this fantastic work full of photo ideas. One of the best gifts for photographers and amateur photographers:

    Gift photo book index

    Book index photo idea gift for photographers photo amateurs photo beginners
  3. Photography gift book 52 photo projects < 35,- EUR

    Gift idea book photography: The book has 52 projects for the photographer. There are great ideas for every taste and it's great fun. I myself have the Book read and reviewed for you.

    Book recommendation for Fotorafen

    52 photographic projects Book for photographers
  4. Gift tripod from Manfrotto < 200,- EUR

    Gift idea tripodThis Tripod set from Manfrotto is one of the best gifts for the photographer or photo amateur who is looking for an indestructible tripod that offers state-of-the-art comfort. The centre column can be moved from vertical to horizontal with two handles. The legs can be set at an angle of 90 degrees. The tripod head is a high-quality 3-way panhead and can therefore be precisely adjusted for Architectural photographystreet photography, nature photography, macro photography or landscape photography. It is one of the best tripodsthat I know and can recommend.

    Video tripod from Manfrotto (without head):


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    Gift tripod set

    Tripod set Manfrotto gift idea for photographers

  5. Gift voucher portraits

    Gift idea voucher portraits: You can also give this voucher to loved ones who already have everything: A photo shoot portrait photos in the photo studio or outside. Take a look at my photos and simply ask me about the "Portrait gift voucher" by phone or email.

    View exclusive portraits

    Gift voucher portrait photos - Gift photography
  6. Gift voucher for professional photos

    Gift idea voucher for professional photos: If you have everything else: digital camera, tripod and photo books, you can look forward to your own photo shoot. You can also give this photo session in our studio or outside as a gift voucher. The recipient will receive a CD with lots of photos that are sometimes beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes unusual and lots of fun. As the giver of this gift voucher, you are sure to get one of the photos for yourself!
    Gift voucher family photos
  7. Special gift idea Photo course for beginners and photographers - Gift voucher for a photo course

    The special Gift idea photo course voucher: The valuable and personalised photo gift for enthusiastic photo beginners, photo amateurs and photographers is the personalised photo course. Here, professional photographer P. Roskothen teaches exactly what the recipient wants to learn in a one-to-one course. With the Voucher you can give this photo course as a gift to anyone who would like to improve their digital learn to take better photos would like to.

    Gift for photographers Photo course

    Gift voucher photo course motif nature - gifts for photographer and photo amateur gift idea voucher

If you like one of these gifts for photographers and photo amateurs and know that the recipient has not yet taken a photography course, for example, then it is a real pleasure to see the photo results. Why not write on the gift card, for example:

"Have fun with our voucher photo course with Peter Roskothen. We can't wait to see the five best photos from the photo course!"

Gift photography for photographers and photo amateurs

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