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More individual photography course Digital photography of the Roskothen School of PhotographyIf you are looking for photography courses on the Internet, you like photography and want to learn. Our Courses for beginners, advanced amateur photographers and Photographers:

Learn digital photography course

Individual photo course advantage!If you are looking for a digital photography course for beginners, advanced photo amateurs or photographers, you have come to the right place. We teach photography, how the eye perceives a good photo and how to expose a good photograph. In addition to the theory, we go into your own photo course We also go on a photo excursion together to apply and consolidate your expertise. I will also show you new perspectives and motifs for your digital photography.

No matter which photo topics you would like to learn to photograph digitally:

  • Photo course macro nature landscape
  • Photo course animals (pets and wildlife)
  • Photo course portrait, family, children, sports, holidays, ...
  • Photography course Flash, aperture, time, ISO, exposure, autofocus
  • Photography course SLR system camera Bridge camera Compact camera
  • Image processing and archiving
  • Nikon Sony Fujifilm Pentax Panasonic Canon Nikon Leica Photo course (and other brands)

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand way

Small basic photo course:

Basic course3 hours Theory and practice in digital photography including image composition and photo excursion

Premium photo course:

Premium course2×3 hours Digital photography including theory, photography, correct vision & image composition, photo excursion and image processing

The great photography course de luxe:

Course deLuxe3×3 hours Digital photography including theory, correct vision & image composition, photography, photo excursion, image processing, archiving, photo law and studio photography


You will receive valuable tips and tricks from photography practice

What is the idea behind the courses?

Many people take photos passionate. And many people want to use an excellent digital camera beyond the fully automatic mode. This means that most photographers want to get the full potential out of their SLR, system camera, compact camera or bridge camera. To do this, we train together in the theory and handling of your digital camera.

I also often hear the sentence: "Look at this beautiful photo! However, it looked even more beautiful in real life!" You will learn how to do this at the Photo school In addition to theory and practice, Roskothen also Basics for the Image composition. I will explain to you how the human eye sees a photo, what it looks for and how you can use this knowledge to take a fantastic photo. The image composition will become second nature to you and your photos will be recognised. admire.

A photo from Venice. The Learning image composition You in the digital photography course. The photo creates a field of tension between the gate and the window.
The vertical and horizontal lines of the photo are also recognised immediately after the door and window
These are other image elements that the eye captures in the photo

TipOur photo students and participants in photo group excursions (a few times a year you are invited as a customer) have the opportunity to exhibit, discuss and comment on their photos in the photo gallery on * This is not only a lot of fun, but also very helpful and instructive:

Where do the photo courses take place?

I will train your digital photography course for you in Grefrath near Krefeld or, on request, at your premises. However, we have in our house Peace and quiet for your Learning successa great environment for your photo excursion and a professional photo studio available. You can get your photo course for NRW, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Kaarst, Krefeld, Willich, Mönchengladbach, Neuss, Wesel, Geldern, Moers, Ruhr, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Dortmund, Essen, Mülheim, Nettetal, Kempen and many other cities. Even photographers from Bremen and Hamburg come to us!

Who is your trainer?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and trainer for the photo courses. My daily handling of the digital camera has the advantage for your photo course of Tips and tricks from the field. I would like to deepen and refresh your photographic knowledge in a valuable way and enrich it with new content. Our personalised photo courses have the advantage that we can build up your exact know-how together.

Interested in the photo course?

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    Family photos
    Nature photography
    Macro photography
    Street photography
    Still life
    Architectural photography
    Corporate photography
    black and white photography
    Image photography
    Holiday photos
    Image processing
    other photo themes

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    P. Roskothen is a professional photographer and trainer at the Roskothen Photo School for the digital photography course

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