Learning photography the easy way - 10 tips

If you are completely Simply learn photographyor want to expand your know-how, then there are several ways to reach your goal. I'll take a look at the various methods for learning photography and give you a free guide. 10 tips for learning photography the easy way:

Learning photography the easy way - 10 tips

This is the easiest age for us humans to learn. This young man is doing everything right as he takes a close-up photo of his mum. Up close is one of the best tips for learning photography the easy way.

Tips for simply learning photography

Many roads lead to Rome. If you love photography because the hobby is fun, if you realise how good photography is for your soul, you might want to look deeper into it and learn more. There are some good and better ways to learn photography:

Learning photography with books

You know how it is: books with basic photography courses are a dime a dozen. The question remains as to which book is really good and how am I supposed to know when I'm just starting out in photography? Perhaps the reviews on Amazon can help me? But it has certainly always been difficult to learn from books, please remember with me:

We had books at school, but who could learn from them? We had teachers who gave us books as reference books for good reason. Today, we can't learn about the camera or photography from a book. Books are justified as a companion, as an extension of knowledge, but they cannot correct us.


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I don't recommend a book to learn the basics of photography. Not even for advanced photographers, because I personally find hardly any of my questions answered in books. Yes, books are interesting for acquiring specialised know-how, but all that reading and learning from books is also extremely time-consuming. Do you agree?

Learn photography video on YouTube

Learning photography on YouTube could also be a learning method. After all, there are free tips in the form of moving images, instructions and ideas.

But who tells us that the many self-promoters on YouTube are actually providing correct information? One example: I have yet to see anyone, really anyone, on YouTube explain the histogram (tone curve) properly. There are only bad tutorials on the subject. Yes, you're right, there are also good channels, but finding them is a matter of luck these days and cannot be recognised by subscribers or ratings. Many of the YouTube videos are only at the level of tabloid newspapers and also provide incorrect information. How do we separate the wheat from the chaff with beginner knowledge?

YouTube can be interesting, but the video doesn't give us any feedback either.

Comparison with music

Perhaps you play an instrument or have learnt to play one? Nobody would think of learning the guitar from a book or YouTube. This can work up to a certain point, but I guarantee you that it will be very time-consuming, difficult and you will practise the wrong hand position because you will not be corrected.

In addition, it will certainly not be free, as the simple videos will eventually run out and you will always end up on the websites of guitar teachers who then charge money for the videos. Personally, I have found a 1:1 guitar teacher and I am very happy with the way I learn there. Also because my teacher always adapts to my progress and wishes.

Learn photography in a group course

No one can learn photography well in a group course. I say it's like sitting in a group guitar class with drums, cello and flute. Everyone in a group photography course has different prior knowledge, a different camera, different questions and a different character. Ask friends about group photography courses. I'm sure you won't hear "That was great!". Personally, I think one-to-one guitar lessons are the best option. Here I can say: I'm interested in pop, rock, classical, jazz, blues or heavy metal. My teacher can then say: Let's do it:

Individual photo course

Photographer Peter RoskothenIn photography, we photographers also learn best in one-to-one lessons. There we can explain where we currently stand, what we would like to learn and which photographic genre interests us. As a teacher, I can then respond precisely to your questions. No matter whether you are interested in landscape photography, portrait photography, macro photography, city photography or taking photos on holiday or the other 50+ photography topics that are still possible.

What's more, we can take care of your camera and your personal preferences. You can find a date that suits you, which doesn't necessarily have to be at a specific time like in a VHS photography course. And then there's something else that's crucial: You save a lot of time, because the course is intensive, easy and great fun. Nevertheless, you will now get the tips you need to get started:

10 tips for learning to photograph easily

1. always have the camera with you.
If necessary, purchase a Compact camerathat you can always have with you. The smartphone is also possible, but:

2 Use the viewfinder.
The viewfinder allows you to compose better and see distracting subjects in the photo immediately. You don't do this when you look at the display (e.g. smartphone).

3. move closer to your subject.
No, don't fall into the abyss, stupid joke. I mean, if you're a Portrait photographythen photograph the head or even a section of the head, not the whole person. The same applies to nature and still lifes. A detail often shows the whole better. The rest is added in the mind of the viewer.

Learning photography the easy way

4. search for complementary colours.
Blue-orange, red-green, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Colours simplify everything and guide us in the picture. Pay attention to the colours.

5. show shapes in your photos.
Lines, circles, triangles, spend a day looking for shapes and photograph them in black and white.

6. change the perspective.
If you always take photos from a head-on perspective, it can be boring. Try the perspective from the ground or from the air (e.g. ladder).

7. photograph children and animals from eye level.
Always photograph your children and animals from their perspective. Get down on your knees, on the ground. Put yourself at the viewing height of the little ones.

8. do not photograph subjects in the centre of the image (except symmetrical ones).
Most things are boring in the centre of the picture. Live motifs from the centre (horizontally and vertically).

9. choose a theme for your photography.
Photographing flowers, forks, door handles and car lights will be easier for you than concentrating on everything. You will slow down your photography and concentrate. This is pure meditation.

10. print out a picture of each photo excursion and hang it on a magnetic board.
Hanging up your own photos is incredibly motivating. The photos absolutely have to get out of the computer.

Leave your photos free.

Continue learning in a personalised photo course

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    Questions and answers Learning photography the easy way FAQ

    Question: What do beginners need for photography?

    Answer: A smartphone or a camera with a viewfinder (viewfinder camera). Learning photography for beginners is easier if the basics are taught well. Otherwise, photography is often based on half-knowledge and a 1:1 course is incredibly motivating.

    Question: Is photography difficult?

    Answer: Photography is very easy if you can do it. It's the same with everything in life. Once you've learnt to walk, it's very easy. Before that, a few attempts are necessary and with the right teachers, it's also fun. :-)

     Question: Which camera do I need to learn photography?

    Answer: It doesn't matter, but you need to feel comfortable with the camera. I would always prefer a camera with a viewfinder to a smartphone, but a smartphone is also perfectly adequate.

    Question: What should I look out for when taking photos?

    Answer: Pay attention to colours, lines, sharpness, blurring and much more. But that's far too much at the beginning. Print out the 10 tips and have fun, that's the best tip.

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