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The individual Lightroom course Online (distance learning) This course on image editing with Adobe Lightroom (LR) will help you get started and continue learning. In just 3 hours you'll get the basics you need to edit and manage your images, or learn what you've always wanted to know. Read how easy it is to run your own Lightroom course online or as a distance learning course with your personal trainer:

Customised Lightroom online course / distance learning course Learn LR photo course Photo school

Advantage of an individual Lightroom course / distance learning course: Live Adobe Learn Lightroom. You can also learn C1 or Luminar from a professional photographer. The big advantage is that you save a lot of time and get exactly the answers you need, including efficient workflows.

Lightroom online course / Lightroom distance learning course - Learn quickly and without travelling time from home

Capture One Distance learning course - for all those who edit their images with Capture One

Individual Lightroom course online distance learning

You can use Lightroom image editing in the Roskothen School of Photography (studio in Grefrath near Düsseldorf) or at home or in the office. For all those who live further away or are afraid of travelling, there is now the opportunity to learn Lightroom online in a distance learning course. This is not a Lightroom seminar with several participants, but an individual training course via telephone and remote maintenance. In contrast to a group seminar, you are the only participant, ask your questions and receive immediate answers and assistance.

With this Lightroom distance learning course you can turn a good image into an outstanding image

Lightroom Distance Learning Course Capture One DxO Luminar - Lightroom Course Online Distance Learning Including Video

The distance learning course is also possible with Capture One or DxO PhotoLab. 

How does the distance learning course work?

It's all very simple: you contact me for your preferred date and download free software (Zoom) in advance, which allows me to watch you work on your computer. In fact, I can even help you from my studio and, at your request, guide your mouse while you watch and follow the steps. Of course, your own practice will make you fit afterwards.

This remote course is possible thanks to the Zoom video conferencing software (alternatives on request). The course is easy and fun. You can learn in the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea or coffee. The online course Editing photos with Adobe Lightroom is also a lot of fun and you can record it for yourself to see and hear steps again later.

Customised online Lightroom distance learning course (Photoshop / Capture One / Luminar / DxO PhotoLab)

The online Lightroom course can take place at a time of your choice. You learn exactly what you want to learn. From experience, most course participants want to save time with LR. This means, for example, that I explain the professional workflow for editing your photos:

  • Transferring the photos to the computer
  • Importing the photos into LR
  • Rename the photos to unique photo names
  • Evaluate the photos
  • Sorting out the photos
  • Editing the photos
  • Export of photos

With the perfect workflow in LR, you save a lot of time that you can put back into your photography. Another task for the software can be the management of your many photos. You will also learn how to tag and find your valuable photos according to certain criteria.

You will even receive a separate PDF for your workflow in which you can retrace everything again

Who is the online Lightroom distance learning course suitable for?

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner in image processing or an advanced user of Lightroom. We build together on exactly the level of expertise you are at. In 3 hours you learn either the basics or the finer points you want to learn. You can add another course at any time.

Which Lightroom version makes sense?

Most users work with LR 5, LR 6 (purchase versions) or Lightroom Classic (rental). For the course, it doesn't matter which of these versions you use. All three versions are excellent for editing and managing your images.

Who teaches the online Lightroom course?

I, Peter Roskothen, have been teaching Lightroom and Photoshop for decades. I work with both programmes myself and know them inside out thanks to my daily professional photography work. I am also said to have a talent for communicating the content excellently.

Quote excerpt, Susanne Schlüter | 3 December 2016

"The three-hour Lightroom course was perfectly customised. By using my MAC, I was able to solve problems and questions that had arisen from my previously rather unstructured work. I was given tips on sensible work steps that books and other courses had not previously taught me. As a result, Lightroom has become more transparent for me and is more fun to use. I will only consider this trainer for my next course!"

Beginner Lightroom distance learning course

After just three hours, you will be very familiar with LR. You will be able to import your photos, find them again at any time and edit them. Learn faster and better with this course.

Advanced Lightroom distance learning course

You learn exactly what you want to learn. This can be the workflow, the special editing of your images, right through to keywording and retrieval with just one click.

You will receive the price for the three-hour course when you call me or send me an enquiry using the form:

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    Questions and answers about the Lightroom Classic Online Course FAQ

    How does the distance learning course work?

    You need a computer with Lightroom that is connected to the Internet. Everything else is very easy with the video conferencing software Zoom. We make an appointment, I send you an invitation by e-mail and explain the simple and free installation of the software, you register and off you go.


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