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You have a Nikon camera and are looking for a better Nikon photo course? No matter which Nikon camera you own, bridge camera, compact, SLR, mirrorless system camera (DSLM), the course explains exactly your camera:

Individual Nikon photography course

The better Nikon photo course - Fotoschule Roskothen

Advantage Exclusive travel photography courseYou are the only participant (exception: course for two / couple photography course) and together we will go into detail about your questions and your Nikon camera. The photo course builds specifically on your existing know-how. You can even choose the date in consultation with me, photo trainer and professional photographer Peter Roskothen.

Utilising the full potential of your Nikon camera

Nikon Coolpix photo courseWhether you are a beginner in photography and have just bought your Nikon, or you are an advanced amateur photographer, there are a number of important questions in photography that everyone would like to have answered. And it's quite another thing to get tips from the professionals and to have Nikon photography explained properly.

Questions about Nikon photography

Nikon photo course for beginners - possible contents

  • Understanding aperture
  • Shutter speed (what time for what purpose)
  • ISO Auto or Manual?
  • Focal length, what exactly is that?
  • Exposures - Understanding automatic settings, manual settings
  • Exposure compensation - why is it necessary?
  • Autofocus - manual focussing as an alternative
  • Flash?
  • Portrait, landscape, macro, family photos, action, special topics in photography
  • Image composition and Photographic art
  • Practice - Photo excursion with the professional

Photo course Nikon for photo amateurs - possible contents

  • Which lenses for Nikon? Equipment advice - travel zoom versus interchangeable lenses and fixed focal lengths
  • Nikon inexpensive - Which lenses are inexpensive?
  • Flashing with the Nikon - Flash advice
  • HDR photography - why and when? Software advice
  • Photography from a tripod - why and how best? Tripod advice
  • Action photography - using autofocus correctly
  • Portrait photography - how do I light a face correctly?
  • Included recordings
  • Image design and photographic art
  • Long exposure - ND filter / grey filter
  • Which filters are useful and important? Using polarising filters correctly
  • Your questions and photo excursion for more practice
  • Let us analyse your photos and improve your options
  • Image editing - Questions and answers - Image editing and photo archiving course, backups

Who gives the course at the Roskothen Photo School?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and photo trainer of the Roskothen School of Photography. I have been giving very successful photography and image processing courses for many years.

Where does the photo training take place?

The photo training takes place in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. I can also come to your town on request, but here we have peace and quiet and, in addition to a professional photo studio, I also have all the equipment here, which I can explain and bring out at any time.

Why not a Nikon group course?

You may be familiar with this situation: you have registered for a group course and it is promptly cancelled. Why? Because the required number of participants was not reached. Many trainers are not at all familiar with Nikon cameras and avoid dealing with your camera in a group course.

If a group course then materialises, three out of six participants are overchallenged and three are underchallenged. That makes a total of six dissatisfied participants. So why a group course when you can learn and be looked after much better individually?

Individual course Nikon cameras

Nikon camera photo trainingI give Nikon photography courses by conviction for a single participant or a maximum of two participants (partner, father and daughter, father and son, mother and daughter, mother and son, friends, ...). Why?

I will cater exactly to your camera, take your previous knowledge into account, you will be given a free choice of dates, which you only have to agree with me. You will receive a very intensive Nikon photography course, in which you will learn more in three hours than in a 10-hour group course (so you have more time to learn). Photo student reportsthat doesn't come from me). Nikon photo training is just as suitable for beginners as it is for advanced photographers, because as a trainer I focus exclusively on you and can help you from a huge pool of knowledge, tips and tricks, perspectives and motifs.

Which Nikon cameras are suitable?

It doesn't matter whether you have an entry-level camera or a professional camera. I will explain the possibilities and operation to you, regardless of whether you have a Nikon Coolpix or D500, D3200, D7200, D5500, D5300, D5200, D3300, D750, D700, D90, Z6, Z7 or others.

The better Nikon photo course

Photo trainer Peter Roskothen, Photo SchoolDo you have questions about the Nikon photography course or would you like to know the prices?

Telephone photo trainer Peter Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or quickly and easily by form:

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