Online photo course DxO PhotoLab image processing

The individual online photo course DxO PhotoLab image processing helps you to familiarise yourself with the software. With your own course, getting started with photo editing with the programme will be child's play. Optional help also includes the topic of photo management, how to find and creatively edit our photos:

Learn DxO PhotoLab quickly and easily.

Training also for DxO bundles.

Customised DxO online photo course

Online photo course DxO PhotoLab image editing and photo management

Advantage Exclusive photo course DxO PhotoLabYou can learn DxO PhotoLab in various ways. Perhaps you have already tried to download your camera or software from a Book or Video to learn? This can take you days, weeks or months, because we don't usually learn cameras or good image editing software from books. Books and videos are great if we want to look up certain functions, but not to learn the basics. But it is easier, especially when it comes to the basics or specific questions:

Simply learn DxO PhotoLab from a professional.

Image processing software DxO PhotoLab 5

Image editing software DxO PhotoLab 5 photo course online, simply learn DxO.

Photographer and photo trainer Peter RoskothenLearn how to use DxO PhotoLab in your own Individual course. You can use this 1:1 Online photo course DxO PhotoLab all Your questions and get your Answers from a professional. You won't get such specific knowledge from a book or a group course (VHS and similar).

You learn in shortest time and completely simple efficient use of DxO PhotoLab (optionally also the additional software DxO Filmpack and DxO Viewpoint) with your photos.

Learn workflow with DxO PhotoLab

On request, I can show you the time-saving Workflow  with DxO. You will learn in Lightning speed rename your photos (unique names), rate them, sort them out and edit the best photos. We can also take care of your photo backup if you wish. Because everyone manages their photos with different preferences and computers.

Why edit digital photos at all?

Perhaps you already suspect or know that the Difference between a unedited photo directly from your camera, compared to a edited digital photo can be large.

With the Image processing turns a good photo into an outstanding image.

Here a Example an unedited and edited photograph from the individual PhotoLab photo course:


Photo editing course with DxO

Your personalised online DxO PhotoLab workshop is quick and easy. You will learn everything about the software. You will learn how to use the powerful Image editing software. In addition, you will learn how to use PhotoLab to Archivein a matter of seconds find again and much more:

  1. Individual photo course advantageThe Optimised workflow in the Image processing.
  2. Views, Judge*Sort out, Edit.
  3. *What does a good photo out? How do people see a picture? Image composition and Image processing.
  4. JPG / RAW Edit photos, other file formats.
  5. The Images more brilliance lend.
  6. The photo in different ways develop, edit, archive.
  7. Develop photos, Managesecurepresent (Galleries).
  8. The optimal data backup.
  9. Issue of your photos for posters / photo books / prints / printers.


Photo course DxO PhotoLab with image browser

Individual photo course DxO PhotoLab. Here PhotoLab 5 with image browser.

Who is the DxO Photolab photo training course suitable for?

DxO PhotoLab image processing training - Learn DxO PhotoLab photo courseLearn DxO PhotoLabAre you just starting out in image editing, or are you more advanced (or somewhere in between)? In this course, I will explain to you the simple handling of your photographs and the Image processing with PhotoLab. You will be surprised at the high quality you can get out of your photographs. Your pictures will be admired by your loved ones. And you will learn how to find your many pictures very easily. Also the Fuse of your data is an important part of the PhotoLab training.

The optimised workflow saves a lot of time when editing images:

  1. Import of the photographs
  2. Metadata add
  3. Photos Rate
  4. Keywords awarded (search and find)
  5. Specifications create and save yourself
  6. Image processing (also specifications)
  7. Variants from photos
  8. Colour corrections
  9. and much more, right up to the quality-optimised Workflow for exactly your photography

Who gives the training in image processing / photo archiving?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a photographer and image editor, photo trainer for Lightroom, Capture OneDxO Photolab and some more software. I train PhotoLab with pleasure and my own experience. The PhotoLab image editing software I appreciate PhotoLab because it offers many professional options for developing our photographs. Another important reason in favour of PhotoLab is the ease of use and the image quality of the finished photographs. But also the Photo management is great for finding pictures again.

As a professional photographer I can offer you many Valuable tips in the use of DxO PhotoLab. Of course, the additional software FilmPack and ViewPoint are also part of your photo course on request.

Online photo course DxO PhotoLab - 1:1 course

PhotoLab also works on two monitors. Left: Image browser. Online photo course DxO PhotoLab - 1:1 course.

Customised DxO PhotoLab Training Online

Online photo course distance learning from home, learn photo course DxO PhotolabParticularly successful is the Individual DxO PhotoLab Training Onlinebecause you sit at your computer and we edit your photos. You will learn how to neatly organise your photos, import them into PhotoLab, select them, sort them out, keyword them and edit them. The entire photo editing workflow will become easier and faster with this training. You will have more time to take pictures and get the most out of your photos.

Advantages of customised PhotoLab Training Online:

  • Individual appointment.
  • You learn on your computer via Zoom.
  • Conveniently from home without travelling time or travel costs.
  • You can take several courses, as one long course is far less successful.
  • You can record the course and watch it again and again (do not pass it on to relatives, friends or others). With the video from PhotoLab Training Online you will understand some things even more intensively afterwards.

How do I get the personalised DxO PhotoLab online photo course?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenAsk your trainer Peter R. about the LR photo course on the telephone number
0 21 58 40 40 62 or quickly by form:

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