Better customised online photo courses 10 advantages guaranteed

Better individual Online photo courses: Learn exclusive photography quickly online with the Roskothen School of Photography. The online photography, image editing and image design courses are particularly interesting for beginners and advanced photographers:

Simple photo courses in online photography, image editing and image design bring success.

Better customised online photo courses - 10 advantages

Better customised online photo courses 10 advantages - Photo courses online photography Image editing and image composition

Advantage Exclusive online photo course - Better customised online photo courses - 10 advantagesThe advantages of your personalised online photography and image editing course are

  • Exactly your questions and answers.
  • 1:1 photo course (You and trainer Peter Roskothen).
  • We build on your knowledge, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.
  • Free choice of dates in consultation with the trainer.
  • Time gained without travelling.
  • Less CO2 is good for our planet.
  • You can record the video course and watch it again and again.
  • You work on your computer with your photos, which we can view constructively on request.
  • Shorter course duration in intervals guarantees rapid progress.
  • You ask all your questions and get answers from the professional trainer and photographer.

Your camera - Customised online photography courses Photography

Online photo courses are particularly recommended if you want to get to grips with your camera. We meet via video conference and can also discuss the camera menu on the monitor. You learn the basics or build on your existing knowledge with technical tricks that lead to better photos. With the techniques you have learnt, the journey towards better and more creative photos begins.

Photography basics

  • Camera aperture
  • Shutter speeds
  • ISO
  • Exposure
  • Autofocus
  • Focal length
  • ...

Advanced photography

  • Your questions
  • Histogram / tonal values
  • Corrections
  • Sharpness and blurring
  • Flashing
  • ...

Due to my work as a journalist in the field of photography and my success with photography training courses, I know almost all digital cameras like the back of my hand. That's why I can teach you how to use your camera creatively and easily. No matter whether you have a beginner's camera or advanced camera equipment.

At your request, the course can be supplemented with photo assignments that you complete in the desired time, until we deal constructively with these photos in a possible continuation. Splitting the course into two or more sections guarantees your success, as you put what you have learnt into practice and can then ask questions and assess your photos.

Online photo editing courses

Workflow saves a lot of timeIf you wish, you can also learn how to edit your valuable photographs in the Online photo course. I would be happy to advise you on the structure and findability of your images on your computer. We can also take a look at the necessary backups. I train:

I also teach Topaz, Excire Photo, DxO Filmpack, DxO Viewpoint, HDR software, panorama software, Photoshop and many other programmes. If you want to enjoy your time at the computer and learn the perfect workflow, I'll show you the time-saving way:

  1. Import of the photographs.
  2. Metadata add.
  3. Photos Rate and sort out.
  4. Keywords awarded (search and find).
  5. Image processing (also specifications).
  6. Specifications create, save and use.
  7. Variants from photos.
  8. Colour corrections / Black and white.
  9. Export - a question of format.
  10. and much more, right up to the quality-optimised Workflow for exactly your photography...

Online photo courses

Photo course at the Roskothen Photo School - Advantage: Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayImage composition can be learnt. If you are interested in image composition, we will look at many aspects of photography. We look at how you as a person look at a photo, what you pay attention to and how you as a photographer take the viewer of your photographs by the hand.

We can take a constructive look at your photos and use image editing to select different sections that will significantly improve your photos. You will receive answers to these questions (and others that you bring with you) in the online image design course:

  • How do people look, what are visual stimuli?
  • How do you guide the viewer of your photos?
  • What is the golden ratio and how do I apply it?
  • What makes a good photo?
  • How can you improve your photography?

The online course on image composition is really crucial for photography, even if you think you have a good intuition. After the course you will see photos in magazines and videos in a completely new way and you will realise how valuable the content of the course is. In any case, you will photograph more attentively, openly and creatively after the online photography course.

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    Questions and answers about the online photo courses FAQ

    Question: What is an online course?

    Answer: An online course is a training course via the Internet. The course takes place with the help of software such as Zoom.

    Why online courses?

    Online courses save CO2, travelling time, travel costs and are practical. What's more, they can be recorded and, in the case of photo training, you sit at your computer with your photos.

    How does an online course work?

    You receive from the Photo school Roskothen will receive an invitation with precise details of the training after the appointment has been made. This will also contain a link. You install Zoom if you do not already have it and click on the link in the invitation at the time of the appointment. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam with a microphone.

    What are the best online courses?

    The best online courses are individualised, because then you can ask your exact questions and get the answers from me. Whether it's about photography, image design or image editing. Guitar music lessons are also not shared with oboe, cello and percussion.

    Worldwide online photo courses in German

    I give the online photo courses in German or English worldwide. My participants come from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Israel, the USA, Great Britain and other countries around the world. Most of the photographers speak German and live in Germany or another country in the world.

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