Photo course Kasteeltuinen - photo training long exposure, macro, nature

The photo course Kasteeltuinen is one of the best photography courses for nature lovers, garden enthusiasts and photographers. Here you will learn long exposure photography, nature photography, garden photography, landscape photography, black and white photography, flash and much more:

Photography course Kasteeltuinen - Learn to photograph in the castle gardens in Arcen - nature photography, landscape photography, garden photography photo course
Photo training Kasteeltuinen - learning of photography in the castle gardens in Arcen (HDR photo) - Garden photography - Landscape photography / Nature photography

Photo training Kasteeltuinen

If, like me, you are a fan of beautiful gardens, then I am now offering your personalised photography course at the Kasteeltuinen in Arcen. We will meet there or at my place for a joint three-hour intensive photography course. For this you should Bring previous knowledge of photography and already be familiar with aperture, exposure time and ISO. If you are not, then first book the Basic course and then go to Kastelltuinen with me full of vigour the second time.

Kastelltuinen (NL) - Castle Gardens (D)

Let's assume that you are familiar with the camera and want to learn: I train individual with a maximum of two friends, partners or other human combinations (adult and child, teenagers, seniors...) who are at a similar level. If you come alone or in pairs, you will learn exactly what you still lack in photographic know-how.

You can learn this at Kasteeltuinen:

  • Nature photography / landscape photography
  • Garden photography
  • Macro photography
  • Long exposure
  • HDR photography
  • Flashing
  • Animal photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Portrait
  • Image design / image composition
  • Backlit shots
  • ...

The advantages of my photography course in Kasteeltuinen are:

  • You learn individualno matter what age!
  • You alone represent Questions and receive Answers
  • Free Choice of date in consultation with me
  • You learn exactly your Camera know better (no matter which camera!)
  • Valuable Tips and tricks From a professional
  • Extreme beautiful surroundings with many possibilities for your photography
  • Here you can find the best fries in the world :-)

Video photo training Kasteeltuinen Castle Gardens


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Advantage Exclusive travel photography courseBasically, almost all photo genres are possible during this personalised Kasteeltuinen photo course. I will tailor the course exactly to you (and any partner). This means that you will receive valuable tips from a professional photographer in the castle gardens on perspectives, better image composition, your camera and much more. I, Peter Roskothen, am a photographer with my own studio, so I don't spend the rest of my time behind a cheese counter. I am also a very successful photo trainer and journalist for photography.

I am said to be very good at training and to combine this with charm and entertainment. In other words:

This personalised Kasteeltuinen photography course will be a lot of fun

Why take a photography course at Kasteeltuinen?

Asian garden photography training - Garden photography tips and tricksThe answer to this question is quite simple: every photography student I took there for a photography course was completely thrilled. I invite you to a 35-hectare site with a rosarium, waterfall, watercourses, animals, various patio gardens (Italian, Asian, Japanese, Chinese garden). There you can learn how to take macro photos, long exposure or animal photography, portraits, garden photos or landscape shots. Just as you like and, of course, all in a row.

You will be surprised at the diversity of nature. If you are already Garden lover then this is exactly the course you've always been looking for. You will never cease to be amazed by this course. It is simply beautiful there.

Garden photography course tips from trainer Peter RoskothenWe can stroll from one garden to the next. You ask your questions and get valuable answers from photographic life. We can sit down anywhere in the park, have a coffee and add to the photo theory. We enjoy talking about filters, tripods, photo ideas, image composition, technology and much more. And it's all very friendly!

Photo equipment for the castle gardens

You should have a Camera or a Smartphone (you read correctly) own. In addition, a Tripod and a Flash unit helpful. But you can also get both from me borrowto learn to appreciate working with it. It would be great if you could bring a hat and sun cream so that you don't get sunburnt in the best weather.

If you would like to share a little something with me in the castle gardens Eat then this is also possible. There are plenty of opportunities in the castle gardens Coffee to drink or eat snacks. However, I don't talk with my mouth full - if you have any questions :-)

Whatever you want to learn - Arcen is the right place for you


Gift voucher photo course Kasteeltuinen

Gift voucher photo course KasteeltuinenYes, you can also give the photo course as a gift to someone who loves photography and whom you particularly like. In this case, I have a practical gift voucher that comes on a beautiful folding card. You can write personalised wishes on the card for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or retirement. This makes the gift voucher a particularly special present for your favourite amateur photographer or photographer.

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    1. Wolfgang A.

      If you're retired, like me, you might find it difficult to admit your own imperfections. Going back into "teaching"? Not me after all. At least that's how I felt after I bought an SLR camera (Fujifilm X-T2). I'd got on really well with my old Canon and had achieved passable results. With the new camera, however, I became increasingly frustrated, especially as the digital manual supplied with it is not exactly a hit, at least from a didactic point of view.

      My internet research then led me down a labyrinthine path to Peter Roskothen's photography course, which promised a remedy. Theory and practice seemed to be the solution. My expectations were correspondingly high when I made my way to Grefrath. To anticipate the result straight away: The expectations were far exceeded: After a detailed discussion, including about my photos (some of which I had brought with me), Peter Roskothen was able to get an accurate picture of my level of previous knowledge in order to tailor the individual course to me. I even enjoyed the theory. The handling of my new camera has become clear to me; the menu system and the underlying performance of the camera is now like an open book in front of me. And it was really fun to put into practice and deepen what I had just learnt in theory. And I also "dusted off" one or two tips from a professional. - To cut a long story short: the course is worthwhile, it is individually tailored to personal prior knowledge and preferences and strikes the right balance between theory and practice. And at the end there are some good tips for completing your equipment.

      The result for me: I'm really keen on photography again. I can only recommend the course. It was a hit for me. I am working on three themes: light and shadow, north-west German landscapes and structures (still lifes). - Dear Peter Roskothen, thank you for the time you took.

    2. I really enjoyed the photography course at Kasteeltuinen. The training was very effective, relaxed and instructive. On the last open day of the year (4 November 2017), the flowers were limited, but that didn't matter for my topics of black and white photography and long exposure with the use of ND filters. The approach to a motif with the different possibilities of the point of view was discussed and the effect of a fill-in flash for a portrait in the sunshine was demonstrated. No questions were left unanswered during this individual course. There was no time pressure, the atmosphere was relaxed and the park offered a myriad of photo opportunities. The colouring of the autumn leaves was impressive. I can only recommend this course to anyone. I felt very well looked after by you and will be happy to contact you if I have any questions or new challenges.

    3. Christian M.

      For my birthday I was given a photo course with Peter Roskothen in the Kasteeltuin castle park near Arcen. I didn't know Mr Roskothen, and after a very nice first phone call I was looking forward to the course. Right after the welcome and some initial explanations about the location, we got down to business without further ado: "First task: photograph the castle." Hm, I wanted to learn something and now I'm supposed to start right away under critical observation? All right, I tried to concentrate on the subject and after a few minutes we discussed the first results. And I immediately received well-founded suggestions on how to improve my photos. The learning curve was steep right from the start. On the subsequent photo walk through the really beautiful castle park, which lasted several hours, there were many motifs, and with Mr Roskothen's competent explanations and advice, the time was over far too quickly. I had a lot of fun and was able to learn just as much about framing and subject selection as I did about using polarising and neutral density filters, improving depth of field and optimising camera use and settings.

    4. Dirk Hübner

      After a long break, I have bought an SLR again and rediscovered the fun of photography. I came across Mr Roskothen on the Internet while looking for a photography course tailored to my needs and then booked a private course just over a week ago.
      For me, the 4 hours were a very good mix of theory, recommendations for helpful photo apps, product recommendations for accessories and practice. Just as I had hoped in advance...

      The excursion to Arcen Castle in the Netherlands with its beautiful and varied castle park made the course a complete success. Equipped with my own camera and a wide range of accessories from Mr Roskothen's equipment collection, I was able to make my first attempts at putting what I had learnt into practice under Mr Roskothen's guidance.

      Thank you very much, also for being so active on the Internet with and making your knowledge freely available to many.

      Summary: Absolutely recommendable!

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