Product photography course - learn how to take product photos yourself

You would like to Product photos Learn to make it yourself? Here is the individual photo course Product photography for companies, firms, self-employed people and others who want to photograph products commercially and attach importance to the quality of their product images:

Learn how to take product photos yourself - Product photography course

The special Photo course in the company trains the photography of products, objects or portraits. I, trainer Peter Roskothen, will come to your company for photo training or you can visit me in the photo studio:

Customised product photography course - photographing products yourself

Many companies are either pressed for time when it comes to photographing their products or are very dissatisfied with their product photographers. If you are one of those companies or self-employed people who need quick product photos and don't have time to wait for a product photographer because the product needs to be published on the Internet or documented, then I have the customised product photography course for you.

If you sell products on the Internet, you need excellent product photos or object photos to reach your customers. As the managing director, you would therefore like to commission your employees with product photography and have them trained in advance. You also need the appropriate photographic equipment for your company's product photos (I can advise you).

The training solution for product photos

With my photography course, I train you or your employees in the use of digital cameras. Camera. To the camera technology comes the right setup for your products, lighting and colour management. On request, you can also learn the Image processing or the Archiving of your product images. All training content is tailored precisely to your company and your industry. The time, duration and content of the product photography training are also variable.

Tip: Don't skimp on photo equipment or a photo course for your employees to ensure good photos.

Advice on cameras and photographic equipment

For the customised product photography course, I will come to your company or you will receive the training in my photo studio. I will explain to you on request what photographic equipment you need. You will need a digital camera, shooting utensils and the light. Of course you will receive a source of supply on request.

Product Photographer - Product Camera Technique Lighting

Possible contents of photo training products

  • Learn to operate your digital camera precisely
  • Understanding aperture, time and ISO
  • Applications for automatic exposure
  • Exposure compensation
  • Manual exposure of products
  • Learning to judge exact exposure
  • Flashing and illumination
  • Mirrorless photography
  • Different views of products
  • Macro photography
  • Image composition
  • Colour reliability for product photography
  • Portrait photos
  • Product photos
  • Object photos
  • Architectural photos
  • Image editing (e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom)
  • Image archiving
  • Reduce images for the website, output formats
  • Image rights
  • Watermark for photos
  • SEO optimisation with photographs and videos
  • and much more valuable content...

The quality of the photos often determines good sales and revenue. Your sales opportunities with product photo quality. In your product photography course, I will show you how you or your employees can take the best product photos.

Reference photo course product photos

Quote from Ulrike Meyerhöfer-Wolf

"Looking at beautiful photos is a marvellous pastime. Taking beautiful photos yourself is almost impossible and anything but a marvellous pastime. And so my camera usually stayed nicely packed away in the cupboard. My family couldn't help but notice that this inability was gnawing at me and gave me a 3-hour photography course.

Last week the time had come. The first step was to clarify what kind of photos I actually wanted to take - emotional product photos. Then it was time for the theory. The dependencies between aperture, shutter speed and distance were not entirely foreign to me, but Mr Rosskothen managed to get me to see them in the context of the photo I wanted to take in no time at all. The discussion of some sample photos was very helpful for me. If you can judge from the result what the settings for a particular photo were probably like, then you can conversely choose the settings so that the resulting photo corresponds to your ideas. I was very impressed by this approach. And I already look at product photos in brochures or magazines from an analytical point of view.

The focus was always on product photography and yet Mr Roskothen also taught how the interplay of time, aperture and distance changes depending on the type of subject (still or moving).

Now came the practice. There was the handling of a tripod, then the handling of the camera (which I could certainly have practised before the course) - Mr Roskothen explained with the patience of a saint how to switch through the modes, when to use a preset, when to switch off the preset and intervene in the definition of the parameters myself, which point to focus on, how to use and intensify the incidence of light and so on. Of course we also took photos. But after the three hours, which flew by, I realised that I had only picked up a very small grain of the big world of photography, which I am now trying to apply successfully.

I have resolved to come back again - to optimise what I have learned from my own photos and perhaps try out new subjects. When I look at the photos of our four-legged friend.....

The photography course was tailored to me, my level of knowledge, my camera and my goals. The atmosphere was very relaxed and Mr Roskothen was absolutely confident. I had the feeling that he was actually sharing knowledge with me and not just imparting facts that I could read up on somewhere."

Photo course photo studio photo trainer Peter Roskothen

The photo trainer

I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer, photojournalist and photo trainer. My decades of experience Experience I pass on professional tips and tricks. As a company or self-employed person, you will benefit from decades of experience with the camera. As this is not a workshop or group course, but a personalised photo course for product photography, we have the opportunity to focus precisely on your products, your space, your previous knowledge and your ideas.

Would you like to train yourself or your employees in product photography?

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