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You are looking for a photographer Nettetal for Private or business photos? I photograph exclusively in our Photo studio or with you:

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Special photos for Nettetal in which you can recognise yourself and which are valuable to you: Portraits, family photos, baby photos, wedding photos, application photos, company photos or Product photos:

Exclusive photographs

Finding a good photographer and a photo studio is a matter of taste. That's why on our website we show many Photographs with creative ideas. Our exclusive photography is natural and lively.

The speciality

The What is special about my photographs is the naturalness as well as colour calibration and post-processing of the images that we Development call it. Digital photography only becomes really good when you develop the photos in terms of brightness, contrast, colours, sharpness and dynamics. It takes a lot of effort, but it's worth it for you, because your prints, stretcher frames, posters and photo albums will be more valuable.

Exclusive sibling photo in our professional photo studio, photographer Nettetal Peter Roskothen, family photo, portrait, sibling photo

Professional photographer

Advantage: Professional photographer with photo studioI, Peter Roskothen, photograph professional and am Photographer for Nettetal and the surrounding area. This means a lot of experience in handling, style, reliability and service for you. Through my professional experience I have creative ideas for your pictures, Poznanspecial environments, Locations and light.

I also maintain my own professional photo studio for private human photography and company photos. With the special light in the studio, we can take beautiful baby photos, family photos, application photos, portraits, couple photos, product photos and much more.

Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer in Nettetal with his own photo studio.Who takes your pictures?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer with my own photo studio. I am passionate about taking modern and vibrant pictures.

Which photos does photographer Peter Roskothen take for you?

  • Application photos
  • Portraits
  • Company photos, company reportage, company event
  • Image photos
  • Press photos (PR)
  • Product photos

What makes the photographs so exclusive?

Advantage: Exclusive photos from a professionalBasically, it is in the human photography always the contact with you. It's about helping you to relax and unwind in front of the camera. Naturalness to lend. That is my art. And then I add a bit of expertise, ideas and experience. The calibrated image processing is then the icing on the cake of quality for you.

Suggestion and tip

The best thing to do is to take your time to look around this website and look at various photos from different areas. You will find out whether you like my photographic style you like. If I meet your taste, just give me a call or contact me by e-mail / form and ask for my ideas for you. Just get to know me.

Tip photo course Nettetal

In case you would like to do even better yourself learn to take better photos then take a look at the photo course where we can also go on a photo excursion in Nettetal. The photo course is customised and builds on your knowledge.

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenTelephone P. Roskothen: 0 21 58 . 40 40 62 or quickly by email:

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