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You are looking for great photographs, art and Photographic art  for your business premises or your home that you can buy online? We have artistic photographs for your flat / home, office, law firm or doctor's surgery, hospital, practice.

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Venice Gondolas Peter Roskothen Photographer Photographs Photographic Art

Venice Gondolas 2004 - Photograph behind acrylic, signed by Peter Roskothen (photographer and photo artist), 120x80cm EUR 700,- plus shipping

Our special Art collections have been organised into themes and displayed here for you. Of course, you have the option of visualising the photos in your surroundings, for example by sending us a photo of the wall on which you would like to hang the photos. We will then send your picture back to you with the photo incorporated or we can help you in other ways. To order the photographs online, please send us an enquiry via the contact form with the number of the photo you like.

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In America it's the order of the day - in Germany it's becoming more and more popular: Photographs and Photo art online Buy for hanging on the wall. In America, many more photographs are hung in the office, at work and at home than in Germany. However, in recent years, digital photography has also increased the attention for beautiful photographs in this country and so more and more people are enjoying buying special photographs. On request, you can also get our photos signed by hand, large and very valuable behind acrylic. The sizes are only common examples, of course you can also ask us for other sizes, which we will offer and send to you on request. My framed photographs are also possible, for example with an aluminium frame, wooden frame behind glass with passe-partout. The possibilities for art have become many and varied since direct printing on aluminium, for example, became available.

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Photo Art Düsseldorf 2010 - Photograph behind acrylic, signed by Peter Roskothen (photographer and photo artist), 105x70cm EUR 700,- plus shipping

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