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Professional photographer for private photosPeter Roskothen is a professional Photographer with own Photo studio for all private topics, be it family photos, wedding photos, baby photos, job application photos or other photos.

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Private photographer Peter Roskothen As a private photographer for better photos, I also attach great importance to a positive relationship with the people in front of the camera. That's why I photograph convincing, natural photographs of you also in our own Photo studio. The friendly and state-of-the-art photo service for you is also very important to us. I am a professional and you are at the centre of our work.

Experience and creativity

I have been photographing for many years passionatewith many Ideas simple and natural images. As we at Foto Roskothen work with special, colour-calibrated cameras and monitors, the results of our photography are always of the best quality for you. Our own photo studio is available for all private photos, but I am also happy to take photos at your home or at particularly beautiful locations, depending on the subject.

The photography focal points for you are:

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In our professional photo studio, we can create beautiful photos for you privately. Here we have the best opportunities for special lighting, unusual poses and better photos. The photo studio makes us independent of the weather and the light is much more mouldable than in the open air. This results in beautiful portraits, family photos or job application photos:

Photo studio photographer Peter Roskothen

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