Photographer course

From amateur to professional with this photo course Photographer: Would you like to become a professional photographer and turn your hobby into a career? Profession or Sideline do?

Photographer course - From amateur to professional photographer
Photographer course - From amateur to professional photographer

The photography course for aspiring professional photographers

Photography is your passion and the Portrait photography, Wedding photography, Family photography, Sports or Animal photography should become your profession? Or use photography as a sideline? Would you like to photograph weddings professionally and offer your work to your friends and the public?

With the "Photographer photography course" we train you in the Photography, in the Image processing and in Commercial Knowledge about the profession of photographer. This photography course will give you the know-how to gain a foothold in this profession and help you earn a living.

The Contents of the photography course for aspiring photographers can combined and are taught in several units. If you are already fit in certain areas, we combine more advanced tasks:

Professional photography and camera technology

  • Photographer course: learn the photographic techniquePhotography Aperture Time ISO
  • Depth of field
  • Get to know all camera functions
  • Automatic exposure, manual exposure, exposure compensation
  • Autofocus and manual focusing - when the autofocus fails
  • The right white balance / colour temperature
  • Why you should shoot in RAW as a professional - RAW vs JPG
  • Image design, form colour light
  • Image composition and good composition - framing, framing, editing, depth
  • The view in the photo
  • HDR photography
  • Filter technology
  • Professional flash, Unleashed flash, Alternatives

Photo excursion

  • Portrait photography
  • Flashing and unleashed flashing
  • Moving photography
  • Autofocus for moving subjects
  • Sports photography
  • Image design, image composition
  • Using the light correctly
  • Tips and tricks from the everyday life of a professional photographer

Studio photography

  • Photo studio Peter Roskothen Düsseldorf Lower Rhine Ruhr areaThe flash units
  • Light shaper
  • Backgrounds
  • Lighting
  • Portraits in the studio
  • Human photography
  • Colour temperatures
  • Use flash or modelling light
  • Tripod
  • Product photography

Advice on photographic equipment

  • Photography course Learn photography the easy way - Training photographer PhotographerWhich lenses and camera bodies do you need?
  • Tripods
  • Lightning
  • Filters
  • Camera bag vs. camera backpack
  • Tips and tricks from a professional

Image processing

  • Lightroom training LR learn photo course photo schoolMonitor calibration and why it is so important
  • Lightroom and Photoshop editing software
  • Workflow
  • Corrections
  • Get the best out of your photos
  • Image retouching
  • Artistic realisation of photos
  • File formats JPG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, DNG
  • Image archiving
  • Security for your photos

The photographer as a businessman

  • Offers
  • GTC
  • Advertising / marketing for photographers
  • Your own website
  • What should I pay for my photos? Prices for professional photography
  • How do I get my money? Avoid mistakes
  • What does the state get?
  • Time management, appointments

Who is the photo course suitable for?

Regardless of whether you Amateur photographer or have already accepted orders: we will train you with our many years of professional experience. Your own individual Intensive course for aspiring professional photographers not only gives you tips for your technical work, but also explains how to deal with people. You will learn how to sell your photographic work at the right price and avoid mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. Unlike other photographer training courses, this course is very intensive and takes your previous training into account.

Photo course flyer

What photographic topics does the photography course cover?

Whether you want to become a wedding photographer or whether you want to offer family photos, couple photos, baby photos, children photos, animal photos, nature photos or sports photos: The "Photographer photo course" trains your subject areas tailored precisely to you. We build on your existing knowledge and systematically expand your skills. Expertise. Your hobby becomes your profession and you can turn your art of photography into cash.

Who is your trainer?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, have been a professional photographer with great commitment and experience for many years. I have been passing on my knowledge since 2000 and am happy to share my routine as a photographer with you so that you can get to grips with your camera and the profession itself.

Would you like to become a photographer?

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    Still life photography / product photography
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