Photos by photo student Gerd W. - Dilapidated industrial buildings

Our photography student Gerd W. took these photos in Willich. We think the photos are so good that we would like to show them.

Photo student Gerd's black and white photos Industry

Gerd has a photo course and participated in various Excursions and Photo workshops participated. Among other things, he was at the Nature photography workshop in the botanical garden in Krefeld, at the "Rheinbahn Düsseldorf" workshop, in the castle ruins in Arcen and in Bochum at the railway museum.

Photo school Roskothen, photo courses, photo training, learning photography, digital cameraHe posted these photos on Facebook and as not everyone can see them, we offered to show them here. As a trainer, I think the photos are great. I like black and white photos anyway. They fit perfectly with this dilapidated industrial plant. Compliments from our Photo school to you, Gerd!


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  1. gerd

    Hello Peter,
    Thank you very much for your praise for my photos. If you hadn't taught me the art of photography, I wouldn't have taken these photos. Thank you once again and I will continue to take part in your photo excursions, because you teach me so much.
    Greetings Gerd

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