Portrait Düsseldorf

Portrait Düsseldorf: I photographed this young woman after an appointment for company photos in Düsseldorf. privately portrayed.

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The Make-up artist had done a perfect job and the portrait subject was very taken with the hairstyle, which she had never worn before. No sooner said than done: I simply used a white wall as a contrast for the portrait to emphasise the styling. The light was beautiful, coming only from the window, and I opened the aperture to draw the viewer's attention to the large open eyes.

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Advantage: Exclusive photos from a professionalBeautiful Ideas are valuable for your Portrait photography. We can Portraits in the photo studio (where we achieve excellent light and opportunities for particularly beautiful photographs). Alternatively, we can also take exclusive portrait and beauty photos outdoors, at the airport or during a live shopping trip.

Our professional photography is also characterised by the fact that we bring a lot of ideas with us and help you as a completely natural model if required. This lady in the photo above also had no experience in front of the camera before we met and thought she was completely unphotogenic. Would you have noticed?

Portrait Düsseldorf

Would you like exclusive portrait photos in Düsseldorf or the surrounding area? We have a great idea for a collage with you as a natural model live in the city centre of Düsseldorf:

Gift idea gift voucherOur photos were taken as part of a reportage photography while shopping at Düsseldorf Airport. The Collage in b/w was first photographed in colour and then compiled by us. The relaxed photos show our idea of accompanying you over a period of time and taking lots of photos in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Gift voucher portrait photos photographer photo studioIf you would like to give a special birthday present, Christmas present, wedding anniversary present or similar, you can get our gift voucher for exclusive portraits. The voucher comes with a beautiful card on which you can write your own congratulations before giving the portraits as a gift.

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Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer for Duesseldorf and NRW. I photograph with cheeky ideas, experience, good style and always in a friendly manner. For a long time I have also been a trainer for photography courses (see also photo course portrait). If you enjoy such and other exclusive portraits, please give me a call and get to know me :-)

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