Product photographer - How time-consuming is a product photo?

A good product photographer with a photo studio knows that some people and companies would like to play a bit of a fly on the wall and be able to take photos during the shoot. Looking over the shoulder of product shootsto know, how complex a product photo is. While some companies have recurring Product images for online shops While some clients need professional product photography, other clients are interested in individual object photos with a special expression. Where does professional product photography begin and What makes good Product photos for a product photographer from? Learn product photography with tips and tricks:

Photo studio and photographer: Peter Roskothen Photo course product photos for companies - Good product photographer photo studio

How time-consuming is a good product photo?

If you've ever created a photo for eBay or other online portals, then you know what it's like: you want to create the best possible photo of your product and use your mobile phone or camera. The smartphone is handy because you always have it with you anyway. The tasks involved in product photography are many and varied. A good Product photographer with photo studio before and during the shoot:

  • What is the right surface and background for the product photo?
  • How do I set the light?
  • Which perspective is the best?
  • How do I avoid reflections?
  • How do I avoid deformations and preserve the product / object?

By the time you've taken your picture, you'll know what it shouldn't look like: Was the background not right? The surroundings are really distracting? The picture is not bright enough? Can you see dust and scratches?

Product photos for the catalogue or for the Internet are even more complex. When a company has a good product photo taken, it should have depth and the surface should be correctly reproduced. As a rule, the object should be shown in good perspective and be sharp from front to back. Companies also require a good mood in the photo or a lively idea. Depending on the product, this can be quite a challenge for the product photographer.

Professional product photography - report on better product photos

Product photo from a bird's eye view - Fotostudio Peter RoskothenThe Professional product photography in the photo studio is also much more complex because the object needs to be perfectly illuminated. It should also look as vivid and three-dimensional as possible. This requires a lot of Expertise and technical Photo equipment necessary. The good product photographer with a photo studio, who can also photograph metallic or glass products with many Reflections can photograph, enjoys the corresponding professional experience to put valuable products in the right light.

The following must be observed Surface structurethe elaboration of Perspectives and a true colour reproduction. The simplest things are often the most difficult. A layman hardly realises how complex a single product shot of a cup can be. Even a supposedly simple glass filled with water can be a real challenge for the product photographer in the photo studio.

Professional product photos Photographer Peter Roskothen - Product photographer - How time-consuming is a product photo?

Object photography in detail

Photography is always a dialogue with the object. The camera and studio technology are one side of the coin, the other is the image idea. It can take a while before a product shot looks atmospheric. Jewellery and watches are among the most difficult objects for a product photographer. Other reflective, metallic or transparent surfaces also pose particular challenges.

Product photos as an example

For this report on better product photos, the example task was to expose a bouquet of flowers in the best possible way. The florist was to be given a large stretcher frame for her shop. Photographing bouquets of flowers is not that complicated in itself, if it weren't for the glass vase and the requirement to make the flowers look alive. Natural light was out of the question for these product pictures. Here on the Lower Rhine, the sun rarely rose between October and April - it was mostly rainy and gloomy. A good product photographer works with light that he can control and adjust himself.

I completed the set-up in about 30 minutes. After that, the background, a matching tray and the bouquet of flowers in the vase were ready in the photo studio. The basic light was also set. How you set the studio light depends very much on which objects you are photographing and from which angle. A product photographer needs a lot of experience to set the light. And what is hard to imagine: many shots are taken, during which the light is repeatedly repositioned and refined. Special accents are set with fine studio flash units and appropriate light shapers.

Camera from above

The decision to photograph the bouquet from above was due to the fact that it made a good picture from this perspective. I also photographed the bouquet from the side later, but I think the picture from above is more impressive. The first photo was used to set the light and was still too dark overall.

Product photo #1

product photographer roskothen fotostudio produktfotos 20180409 5179 - product photographer - How time-consuming is a product photo?

Product photo #2

The following product image was given the right amount of light. It already looks very vivid, but the shadows in the lower centre area of the flowers were too deep.

A better product photo - product photographer with photo studio explains product photography

Product image #3

The next shot could already be described as successful, but is still too boring overall compared to the final image. The product image is even suitable for black and white conversion:

Product photos photo studio Roskothen - How complex is a product photo?

produktfotograf roskothen produktfoto 20180409 5202 2 - Produktfotograf - How time-consuming is a product photo?

The finished product photo

The final image looks much more three-dimensional and is sharp from the ground to the top of the tulip. To achieve this, several shots were combined at different levels of sharpness (focus stacking):

Product photo photo studio Peter Roskothen

I'm showing another section of this image to illustrate the high resolution and sharpness for a large poster:

Product photo detail

The setup for the product photo required three studio flash units, a diffuser, various light shapers and a medium format camera. The light for the product photos was constantly adjusted. In total, photography in the photo studio took around two hours and post-production on the calibrated monitors also took two hours. Despite the cropping to the square format, the image is in 38 megapixels and is easily suitable for a poster size.

  • Recording including setup 2 hours
  • Image editing / post-production 2 hours

Better product photography means constantly adjusting the lights and shadows.

Bouquet of flowers: Mrs Gabriele Wolters, Bergerplatz 4, 47929 Grefrath

Product photographer with photo studio - product photos for companies

Do you need special product photos for your company? I create high-quality product images from many areas:

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  • and many more areas

I create product photos Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, the Ruhr area and for products that can be shipped across borders. You can find out product photography prices in no time at all. Enquire quickly and easily using the form below, or call the following telephone number:

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Customised product photography course

Do you have recurring products and want to create your own photographs? The webshop or your time does not allow you to hire an external, good product photographer? In my photo course Product photography learn how to photograph products vividly and in true colour. The Illuminationwhich Camera technology and the Colour management are easy to learn. You will receive Tips for product photography with any camera, including iPhone / smartphone. Please call us or use the form to ask for details quickly and easily. Please do not forget to describe your products in detail and mention the surface in the message field. Info individual photo course product photography:

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