Sony photo course - Individual photo training with personal photo trainer

customised Sony photo course with personal photo trainer Peter Roskothen is perfect for anyone who owns or is interested in buying a Sony camera. Regardless of which digital camera you would like to buy or own, this photography course will focus precisely on your Sony and your needs. Sony online course or face-to-face course:

Learn exactly with your Sony camera.

Customised Sony photo courses are fun.

Sony photo course - Individual photo training - Personal photo trainer

Individual photography course with Sony camera

No matter which Sony camera you own: Alpha 6000 / 6300 / 6500, Alpha 9, A7 IV, Alpha 7R V or previous generations, this photo course is just right for you as a Beginner or advanced amateur photographer. We build this course together on your expertise and customise it to your requirements. As Photo trainer I have the opportunity to answer all your questions, to find a date that suits you, to train you intensively and quickly and even to programme your camera appropriately.

Individual Sony photo course with personal photo trainer Peter Roskothen

You will not only be able to get out of the automatic camera mode to utilise your digital camera to the full. If you wish, you can also learn about image composition, photographic vision, the Photographic artnew motifs, perspectives and get tips and tricks from a professional.

We will focus on your favourite subjects and broaden your horizons to include topics that you will find extremely interesting. Together we can learn about flash (why flash at all), portraits, landscape photography, animals, wildlife, sport, action or street photography in black and white. Possible topics:

  • Portrait photography
  • Children's photos
  • Family photos
  • Nature photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Macro photography
  • Street photography
  • Photography in the dark
  • Black and white photos
  • Structures and colours
  • Sports photos
  • Animal photos
  • Photo course holiday photos
  • Image composition
  • Image processing
  • Still life
  • Product photography
  • Architectural photos
  • Company photos
  • Photo course for budding photographers
  • and other great photo themes

Personalised Sony photo training with a personal trainer for great photos and more knowledge about your camera and image composition.

Customised Sony photo training

Sony online course

If you wish, you can receive the course as a Sony online course in German from anywhere in the world. Online is particularly successful because you can record the course (but not pass it on, not even to relatives and friends). This gives you the opportunity to view all the settings, tips and tricks again and again. In addition, you have no travelling time, travel costs and sit at home with a cup of coffee or tea. We can access your photos and discuss them constructively. From the photos, we come up with your questions, tasks and problems, which we solve together.

The Sony online course is particularly successful and great fun.

Where does the course with Sony take place?

You can take the course in my photo studio in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. Here you have the peace and quiet to learn and the surroundings to consult all the necessary details of photography. There is even a professional photo studio available if you want to learn photography in the studio. What's more, less than 100 metres from the Roskothen School of Photography a park where we can go on your photo excursion.

Sony cameras photo courseWhen does a personalised Sony photography course take place?

You can choose your preferred date together with me. This has the huge advantage of not being tied to specific dates.

Who teaches Sony?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a photographer and personal photo trainer. I photograph and teach full-time and have the experience to teach you camera techniques, image composition, photographic vision and the art of photography.

How long does the individual Sony photo training course take?

I limited the course to three hours, because after three hours my head had a lot to do. You may be familiar with this from company courses: after three or four hours at the latest, you've reached your capacity. However, I want you to learn intensively and in a modern way and thus take your own photography to the next level. We can combine theory and practice (your own photo excursion). You will learn very quickly and then be fully motivated to get started with your own photography.

My photo course participants are enthusiastic and then take photos of everything that's not up to scratch.

Can I give the photography course for Sony cameras as a gift?

Of course, you can also purchase the personalised Sony photo training course with a gift voucher for a loved one. To do this, please let us know in the form below what previous knowledge your loved one has and tell us whether you would prefer to give the gift voucher with the nature motif or the technology motif:

Gift voucher photo course nature motif, Roskothen photo school

Individual course voucher motif nature

Gift voucher photo course motif technique

Voucher motif technology

What else is included in the Sony photo course?

I can advise you on your photo equipment in individual Sony photo courses. You are also very welcome to attend any of the group workshops I organise throughout the year. And you are very welcome to exhibit your photos at *fotowissen. Perhaps you would also like to go out with me as your personal photo trainer to a special location such as the Landschaftspark Nord, the Zollverein colliery in Essen, a large park, a zoo or a lake? You can also learn from me how to handle and work perfectly with Adobe Lightroom or Capture One learn. After all, image editing can turn a good photo into an outstanding one.

Enjoy your own photography course with Sony? More info?

Professional photographer Peter Roskothen teaches the Sony photo course

Professional photographer Peter Roskothen teaches the individual Sony photo course

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    Sony photography on holiday
    Still life photography / product photography
    Sony Architectural photography
    Corporate photography
    Sony product photography
    other photo themes

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    Question: Which cameras are taught?

    It doesn't matter which Sony camera you have, I teach:

    45e6327889a840ca81b657c30831cd06 - Sony photo course - Individual photo training with personal photo trainer
    • Full-frame mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7, Alpha 7 II, Alpha 7 III, Alpha 7S, Alpha 7S II, Alpha 7R, Alpha 7 II, Alpha 7 III, Alpha 7 IV, ...
    • Full frame: Sony A99,...
    • APS-C Mirrorless: A6000, A6100, A6200, A6400, A6500, A6600, ...
    • APS-C: A56, A68, A77, ...
    • Bridge camera: RX10, RX10 II, RX10 III, RX10 IV, ...
    • Compact camera: RX100, RX100 II, RX100 III, RX100 IV, RX100 V, RX100 VI, RX100 VII, ...

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