Sports photography course

The photo course Sports photography Action photography trains one of the most demanding types of photography.

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Sports photography and action photography training

Sports photos and action photos are the supreme discipline of photography. To Sport knowing how to use the camera and photograph the moving subject helps. A moving subject is a The challenge for the photographer and the digital camera. Operating the camera and familiarising yourself with all the camera functions is important for a Intuitive operation in use.

The equipment for sports photos

Anyone involved in sports photography or action photography should be prepared for investments. However, as an amateur photographer and photographer inexpensive to start with. Initially, for example, one for Sports camera such as a Canon EOS 7D, a Samsung NX1, Nikon D7100, Sony Alpha 6000 and a sports photography lens.

You can take excellent sports photos with an inexpensive and fast Fixed focal length can be achieved. An 80mm f1.8 or a 200mm f2.0 lens is sufficient. I will also advise you on suitable photographic equipment as part of the sports photography courses.

Sports photography and action photography are the supreme disciplines of photography


Sports photography course

Your course is a Individual coursewho is there just for you. As a trainer, I have found that group courses don't really make any participants happy, whereas individual courses build on the participant's knowledge and make them happier. Targeted promotion.

Individual photo course advantage!The big advantages of your course are:

  • Free choice of dates in consultation with me as trainer
  • Own photo excursion to deepen the theory
  • Fast learning success
  • Photo knowledge of your choice

The variable contents of the photo course:

  • Aperture Time and ISO
  • Exposure settings
  • Autofocus settings
  • Sports photos included
  • Frozen moments
  • Photographs with motion blur
  • The flash in action photography, Unleashed flash
  • What makes a good sports photo?
  • How does the eye see a photo? What is a good photo?
  • Image composition and good image composition - Designing good photos yourself
  • Visual direction, framing, cut, depth, light, dynamics, calmness
  • Editing software - image editing, workflow, corrections, file formats, archiving, data security
  • and much more ...

Learn sports photography photo course Action photography

Sports photography tips

I, trainer Peter Roskothen, will give you many tips during the photo training. Tips around the perspective, the sports photo settings, correct Exposure, Exposure compensationthe Autofocus and the Image composition. You learn new perspectives and Techniques for action photography, which will increase your photo quality enormously.

Give away sports photography training

You can of course also take the course for sports photographers give away. All you have to do is tell me the name of the recipient, which I will enter on the gift voucher. You can give the course as a gift to beginners or advanced students.

For beginner a 2 x 3 hour premium course makes sense in any case. For beginners, I first teach the theory and practical basics of photography. In the second, staggered course, we take action photos / sports photos in an excursion. Alternatively: 3 x 3 hours, basics, sport, image processing.

For Advanced we first talk about the basics and additional expertise. The camera settings are also adapted to sports photography, if not already done so. We then go out and photograph sports together. For advanced photographers, I recommend the 1 x 3 hour basic course or the 2 x 3 hour premium course with image processing.

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