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The photographic spring

If you now beautiful portraits / beauty photos of yourself in spring, or whether you would like a Photo training with us: spring is a wonderful time for both pleasures. We will go photography together and either take unique portrait photos of you or show you how to fully utilise your camera beyond the automatic programme mode. And how to use the Capture spring or your loved ones.

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The tree blossom

Spring photos show the end of winter and are a challenge and a blessing for every photographer. The blossoming of trees in spring is a photographic challenge. Afterwards, many flowers and shrubs bloom that are worth photographing. No matter what time of year - photos can always be special.

The tree blossom - spring photos portraits photo training

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I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer, photo artist and designer. I photograph reportages or image photos of managing directors and employees for companies. For private clients I take portraits, family photos, weddings and much more. I have been teaching photography and software such as Photoshop and Lightroom for many years. You can book photo training courses with me individually so that we can build on exactly where you want to expand your expertise. Of course, this can also be a photo course for portraits.

"A Portrait! What could be simpler and more complicated, more obvious and more profound?"
Quote from Charles Baudelaire - 1859


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