Street Photography Düsseldorf - Photo of the day

Photo of the day - Peter Roskothen

Street Photography Düsseldorf

*fotowissen On Tour was in Düsseldorf for an evening of street photography. This photo is one of the results. We will also be going there on a group excursion. If you have a better photo course Düsseldorf, have a look at the link just have a quick look inside.

What do I learn in Peter Roskothen's photography course?

Yours photo course is customised so that you learn exactly what you want. As Beginner you can learn the following contents:
  • Photo course at the Roskothen Photo School - Advantage: Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayCamera technology
  • Aperture
  • Exposure time
  • Exposure compensation
  • ISO
  • Depth of field
  • Flashing and brightening
  • HDR photography
  • Perspective and depth
  • Photo design
  • Photo right
  • Image processing
  • Image archiving
  • and much more...

Photographer Peter RoskothenIt doesn't matter what your favourite theme is: Family photos, portraits, animal photos, Sports photosNature photos, landscape photos, macro photos, still life photos, Architectural photography or other photography topics. I cater precisely to your interests and expertise. The photo course always includes a photo excursion or group photography. You can find more information here >>

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