Venice photo art

The photos in Venice are partly due to the time of the "Carnival in Venice" and is known to us as Venice Photographic art exhibited in this online gallery.

Venice photo art photographer Peter Roskothen

Photographer Venice photo art

The masks, who presented their costumes and posed for the photographers, gave particularly calm and beautiful impressions. Impressions of the city were also created and have already been shown by us in photo exhibitions in various studios (Düsseldorf, Kempen, Nettetal). We show you a small selection of our artistic photographs from Venecia for your home, your office or your workplace:

Venecia is art for photographers

A visit to the lagoon city is enough to make any amateur photographer go into raptures. The art of capturing this city, its life and morbidity in pictures has a long tradition. Photos of Venecia are therefore something very special and at the same time contemporary witnesses of the lagoon.

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You can buy our photos as posters behind glass or acrylic, on stretcher frames for your office, your practice, your law firm or your pub. Of course also for your private use.

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TipThe city is well worth a visit. If you enjoy photography and would like to visit Venicia with your camera, I'll be happy to give you a tour. photo course Venice. I will accompany you on your trip and your photography with professional tips for better photos, the most beautiful places in Venecia and also during carnival time to photograph the masks.

A good prerequisite for taking photos of Venice is good camera equipment, a tripod for photos in the morning light or at blue hour. A grey filter, polarising filter and a few fast lenses won't hurt either. However, I will be happy to advise you on the perfect photographic equipment as part of my photography courses. Here I will give you tips and tricks for perspectives, motifs and even for image editing and image management. Phone: 0 21 58 40 40 62


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