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The application photo is the most important photo in your life.

The Application photo together with your portfolio, is the door to the interview. When a portfolio lands on the desk of a personnel decision-maker, it is often the case that you will only be invited if the decision-maker likes your application picture.

Or it is even more obvious: you have applied for an advert or job posting. The personnel decision-maker receives your portfolio and 99 more application folders. If you now go to the Job interview The photo alone decides who is invited, as two piles are made from the 100 applications: Pile A, which contains all the portfolios whose photos were liked, and Pile B, which contains all the photos that were not liked. Pile A is invited.

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Let's just assume that you will earn around EUR 90,000 in your new job in three years' time. It may be more or less.

So what is your better application photo worth to you?

How much should your application photo cost? Please bear in mind: in Germany, the application photo still determines how convincing your portfolio is overall.

Mr Thiel is one of our customers. He says the following from his own experience (quote):

Every HR department uses the application photo as a very important first impression of an applicant.

If a photographer succeeds in capturing an applicant's personality in a positive way, a successful photo can cover up missing characteristics and open the door to a job interview.

Advantage: Professional photographer with photo studioWe create natural and serious application photos for you. That is our art. About 80% of all people think they are not photogenic. And I as Professional photographer every day and convince our customers of the exact opposite. Because I take my time, have patience and photograph you in a relaxed atmosphere in our photo studio.

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