Macro photography course

The photo course Macro photography is aimed at you as beginner photographers or advanced Amateur photographerwho likes Macro photos taken and in addition learn would like to. Here is the right macro photography course for you:

Photo course macro workshop

Learn to photograph macro better

In the photography course you will learn the theory:

  • Photography course Photo trainingthe right Aperture for macro photography
  • the right Focussing
  • the right Exposure time for the Depth of field
  • the right ISO
  • Exposure correct
  • RAW or JPG
  • Flashing for macro photos
  • Unleashed lightning
  • Which Tripod I use
  • Lenses for macro photography and much more.

The photo course is a Individual coursewhere you can, for example Theory learn to be a Photo excursion and afterwards the best Workflow for the screening, selection and Archiving of the photos. Of course you can also use the Image processing your macro images.

Learn macro photography course Photo School Roskothen

Learn macro photography at the photo school

The private Roskothen School of Photography is from all over NRW easy to reach. We train the digital photographyimage processing with Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshopand give photo workshops. Macro photography has special requirements for you as an enthusiastic photographer / photo amateur / photo beginner.

Video on focus stacking in macro photography


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Who are the macro photography courses suitable for?

It doesn't matter whether you have just been given a new digital camera as a gift and Photo newcomer are. Or you are Amateur photographer and already have a good knowledge of photography. Our photography courses are tailored to you and your questions. harmonised and make great Fun.

Macro photography places special demands on photographic technique. Macro photography is really fun if you know the tricks (for example focus stacking / focus bracketing).

Macro photography course

Gift voucher photo course macro photos & nature photos

Would you like to show a beginner or dedicated amateur photographer the photo course Giving the gift of nature photography and macro photography? Regardless of whether the recipient is a beginner or an amateur photographer, the date can be chosen and the content tailored precisely to their expertise. You will receive a voucher from us on a beautiful folding card in which you can write greetings and wishes. So the Gift voucher photo course macro photography and nature photography a beautiful Christmas present or Birthday present or a gift in between for new digital camera. Here is an overview of all gift vouchers for various photo courses:

Gift voucher photo course nature photography macro photography photo school Roskothen
Gift voucher photo course portrait
Nature photography & macro photography course*
Portrait photography course*

Gift voucher for a nature photography course
Gift voucher photo course motif technique
Photo course free content*, nature theme
Photo course free content*, subject technique

*Contents are agreed with the recipient. Contents can be freely chosen by the recipient at any time.

Who teaches macro photography?

Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer and your Trainer for all photography courses. According to his photo students, he is very good at teaching photography (quote on photo workshop / photo excursion):

Britta | 12 May 2014

Hello Peter,

It's a shame that I redeemed a voucher with another provider that day. Their course was quite nice, but only very nice! When I see the pictures and the film now, I'm a little envious that I didn't get to go on this date (note: Photo workshop HDR photography) could not participate. Even though I would probably have belonged to the Griffe faction :-)
The example of the other course in particular showed me: Not everyone can impart knowledge AND! Not everyone manages to get complete strangers to meet and part as friends at the end of the afternoon! Not just united by a shared hobby, but simply because the mix of people is right! I ask myself after every excursion: How do you do it? :-)
Next time I will do everything I can to take part in the excursion again!
In any case, I'm already looking forward to it :-)
Kind regards

Remark: The comment was written by photo student Britta, who has already taken part in several of our photo workshops. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the HDR photography workshop because she was taking part in another course. We are very happy about the comment because it shows how much fun our photo courses and workshops are.

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