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Really good learning of photography You with your Beginner photo course for beginners.  With the photo training for beginners, you will no longer take photos with the fully automatic mode of your digital camera. I will quickly explain to you what the Roskothen School of Photography und dem Grundkurs Digital photography for beginners has to do with it:

This photo course is easy and fun.

Beginner photography course for beginners

Are you also fed up with camera manuals and the lack of answers to your questions?

In this course for beginners you will learn exactly how to use your camera.

You can also get the beginner's photo course for beginners online. This saves a lot of time and CO2.

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayMy digital camera can do more!

You probably know the situation: You own a Good digital cameraperhaps a smartphone (e.g. iPhone), a system camera, a compact camera, bridge camera or SLR camera for beginners and often use these in the Fully automatic. You like to take photos with it, but at the same time you know that it's the right thing to do:

Your camera can do more - you will learn this quickly and easily.

You would also like to know what else you can achieve with the camera (including the one in your smartphone). Perhaps you would like to take your beautiful Hobby photography simply extend it for once? Or are you going on a great holiday? Then learn in our Photo school für Anfänger the necessary details and go with me as your personal photo trainer to Photo excursion. You will consolidate the theory you have learnt and immediately translate it into better photographs. Better photos made easy:

Fully automatic digital camera, Exclusive photo course for beginners, Photo school for beginners

Better photos for beginners!

You want to use more than the fully automatic function of your valuable digital camera? I will help you to full potential of your camera and even better photos to shoot. We train your digital camera in your own photography course. And if you like, we can also train you in image composition, image editing and much more photography.

Possible contents Technology and image design:

  • How does my camera work? Get to know your own digital camera
  • How do I hold the camera correctly and safely?
  • Automatic exposure and manual Which setting is best for sports, portrait, family, nature, landscape photos?
  • Aperture, exposure time and ISO.
  • Manual exposure compensation - the camera does not always set the correct brightness.
  • Use depth of field correctly for foreground and background.
  • Get to know your zoom lens. How do I change the lens safely? What is the difference to a fixed focal length?
  • Autofocus and manual focussing - safe and easy adjustment.
  • AWB - Auto white balance / manual colour temperature.
  • Camera menu, customisations, custom functions.
  • Liveview or optical viewfinder?
  • Flash for portraits and other photo motifs.
  • Image composition - where the main subject belongs. Eye tracking and composition.
  • Discover motifs - learn photographic vision from a professional.
  • Change perspectives for more attention.
  • Deceleration and mindfulness.
  • And much more ...

Digital cameras overview, Roskothen Photo School

Advantages Exclusive beginners' photo course for beginners

Why is my photo course better than the other photo courses for beginners and novices? There are a number of reasons that are close to my heart:

  1. Individual photo course advantage!Firstly, you are the only participant ours Beginner photo course for beginners (with the exception of courses for couples or two friends/relatives). This means that you will receive a personalised coordinated Training. You ask all your questions and receive Answers and valuable tips from a professional photographer.
  2. We take care of exactly Your digital camera (or your smartphone).
  3. You can use the Course date with me as your trainer.
  4. Your trainer is Peter Roskothen. I am a professional photographer and will give you beginner photographers valuable Tips from professional experience.
  5. I will also advise you on your perfect photo equipment.
  6. The theory is supplemented by the own photo excursion.
  7. You can upload your photographs to * exhibit and discuss.

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Which camera do I need for the basic digital photography course?

digital camera

Both a Smartphone, a small digital Compact cameraa Bridge cameraa System camera or SLR camera for beginners are suitable. No matter whether you have an iPhone, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic or others: The brand of your digital camera is irrelevant. The main thing is that you have a digital camera that you like and want to get to know even better.


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You can also take excellent photos with a smartphone such as the iPhone using the basic photography course.

Learn digital photography - customised photography courses for beginners

In addition to the photo training for beginners, you will also receive Valuable tips from me, Peter Roskothen, a professional photographer and photo trainer. These photography tips will show you new motifs, New perspectives, better image composition, correct Exposure and simple Focussing. I will explain the right settings for portraits, nature photos and macro photos. And to make sure you keep everything safe and can find it again, I'll explain the best workflow for your many photographs. I will explain the Image processing the

  • Workflow saves a lot of timeRate of the photographs.
  • Keywords for within seconds Findability.
  • Editing, designing and Storage of the photos.
  • How to Optimise your photos out.
  • Artistic processing of your photos (colours, structure, the right image section).
  • Fuse of your valuable pictures.

How long does the basic photography course last?

The basic photography course is free in terms of timing and content. Experience shows that three hours Theory and excursion per date are sufficient. I am also happy to recommend the following for your photography hobby two appointments of three hours each:

Basic courseBasic photo course

3 hours, theory, photo excursion, viewing the photos with suggestions, introduction to photo editing, task for the next own project

Premium coursePremium photo course

Appointment 1: 3 hours of theory, photo excursion, assignment for your own project
Appointment 2: 3 hours to answer questions after the first appointment, deepen knowledge, photo excursion, such as HDR photography, unleashed flash, white balance, autofocus variants or safe photo editing, photo archiving

Course deLuxePhoto course deLuxe

Appointment 1: 3 hours theory, photo excursion, task for own project
Appointment 2: 3 hours answering questions from the first appointment, deepening knowledge, photo excursion, HDR photography, unleashed flash, white balance
Appointment 3: 3 hours of photo editing, photo archiving, photo backup, calibration of digital camera and monitor, backup of photos

Ideally, you should leave some time for photography between the courses. On the second and third dates of the basic course, you can bring your Questions that have arisen in the meantime during photography. We deepen Finally, your photographic know-how. In this photography course, you will learn how to take really good photographs quickly, easily and with lots of fun.

Where does the basics course take place for me as a beginner?

Our photo school is in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf or ONLINE. Here you have the Peace and quietto learn in your own course. You can easily reach Grefrath from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, but also from other federal states. Meanwhile, photo beginners from all over Germany come to me at the photo school. For a premium photo course, it is also worth visiting on a Friday and Saturday with an overnight stay. I recommend hotels and restaurants for your learning success. On request, I have various great locations ready for us to go to (colliery, harbour, park, ...).

Online photo course for beginners

Word has got around that my personalised photo course for beginners is fun and that the learning curve increases significantly. That's why I also offer the photography course for beginners online. The individual distance learning course for photography via the Internet has many advantages before the face-to-face course in Grefrath:

  • You may record the course and watch it again and again to review camera settings, image composition tips and constructive tips (the video may not be passed on to third parties or published).
  • You save valuable time in the car. You also protect our world from further emissions.
  • I often offer two courses of 1.5 hours each. After the first course, you will be given a voluntary photo assignment, which we will discuss constructively in the follow-up course. This increases the learning curve. Between the courses we leave enough time for relaxed photography and consolidating what you have learnt.

Contents of your beginner photo training course

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI create your personalised photo course after a few simple questions. You will receive a non-binding offer for your own basic course.
Telephone photo trainer Peter Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or:

    I would like to get to know my digital camera better
    I would like to know more about depth of field
    I would like to learn portrait photography
    I would like to learn nature photography
    I would like to take better photos in the house
    I would like to take better photos with flash
    I would like to take more beautiful photos on holiday
    I would like to find my photos more easily
    I would like to keep my photos safe
    Other interest

    I am interested in without obligation:

    Prices photo course for beginners
    Gift voucher photo training

    Should it be a private or business training course?

    Private photo trainingBusiness photo training


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    How did you find us, please?

    Your comments / message / your camera:

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    Gift idea photo course for beginners

    Would you like to give the basic photography course as a gift?
    Here you can find the gift vouchers for photo courses >>

    Tip: Als Kunde eines Fotokurses der Fotoschule Roskothen werden Sie automatisch zu den Fotoworkshops eingeladen. Das sind Gruppenfotoexkursionen, welche ganz viel Spaß machen und auf denen Sie sich mit anderen Anfängern und Amateuren austauschen. Als Trainer begleite ich den Fotoworkshop mit Rat und Tat. Auf Wunsch berate ich Sie gerne zu Ihrem Fotoequipment.


    Photo course for beginners, photo training, Roskothen photo school, photography workshop

    Questions and answers about the beginner photo course (FAQ)

    Does the camera play a role?

    No, not at all. No matter which digital camera or smartphone you have, I'll cater to them exactly.

    Does age play a role?

    No, age does not play a role in the course. I teach children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens alike.

    Is an individual course difficult for beginners?

    No, that's quite simple. We start where you are with your expertise and then build on it very carefully. I explain photography simply and straightforwardly. Later in the course, we put everything into practice (photo excursion).

    What if I am no longer a pure beginner?

    If you are no longer a beginner and already have a little or a lot of photographic know-how, then you have come to the right place, as this is an individual course. So we can start exactly where you want to expand your expertise. I realise this in the first minute or two when we talk about what you already know. So it doesn't matter whether you classify yourself as a beginner, an advanced amateur photographer or somewhere in between.

    What are the prices for such a course?

    This depends on how many hours you would like to book. Please ask for your personalised offer in the form below or give me a call. I look forward to explaining everything to you in detail.

    Can I give the photo course for beginners as a gift?

    You can also give the photo course for beginners as a gift. We have Many gift vouchers for photo courses to choose from and will be happy to send them to you.

    Beginner photo course for beginners online or in Duisburg, Oberhausen, Essen, Dortmund, Ruhr area, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Viersen, Nettetal, Kempen, Willich, Niederrhein, Düsseldorf, Neuss, Kaarst, Ratingen, Solingen, Wuppertal and many other places in North Rhine-Westphalia or throughout Germany. When you visit us at the photo school in Grefrath, you will have the peace and quiet to learn. In addition, there are many opportunities for your photo excursion together in the park or nature reserve (animal photography / wildlife photography).

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    © P. Roskothen is a professional photographer and trainer Beginner photography course for beginners / beginners - basic course digital photography (& advanced course photography)


    1. Frank Ackermann

      Hello Mr Roskothen,

      Thank you once again for "waking me up" from automatic mode with your photo course for beginners. Aperture, ISO, exposure time & co. have lost their horror thanks to the individual one-to-one training. Now it's time to try things out.

      Best regards
      Frank Ackermann

    2. Michael Arts

      If you want to get to know photography and your camera, this is the right place for you!

      The theory is conveyed in an understandable way and immediately put into practice.
      The automatic function on the camera becomes less important and the images gain in quality.
      I really enjoyed the course!

      M. Arts

    3. Manfred Probst

      Peter Roskothen knows how to tap into personal potential in order to recognise new dimensions of photography.

    4. Raoph Kossmann

      As a "newcomer" to a long neglected hobby, two mornings of photography lessons with Mr Roskothen were a complete success for me. Why?

      Mr Roskothen did not reel off an abstractly prepared programme. Instead, in an open and relaxed atmosphere, we first considered what I was (not yet) able to do and what I would like to learn as part of the photography course, based on some of the pictures I had brought with me. On this basis, Mr Roskothen brought out "buried knowledge" in me and also taught me new things. He was always open to questions, which he answered comprehensively.

      It was also particularly positive that the training did not stop at imparting theoretical knowledge, but was followed by practical training both indoors and outdoors - with numerous worthwhile motifs in the immediate vicinity - and I also found it very helpful that the training took place with the cameras I actually use and that I received a lot of advice on how to use my cameras in particular.

      Ultimately, the photography course not only taught me what I had booked it for, but Mr Roskothen also gave me ideas for future photographic work that I wouldn't have come up with on my own.

    5. Christine Weiss

      Mr Roskothen,
      Many thanks for the very informative course, which has shed light on the extensive possibilities with my camera.
      Very friendly and easy to understand.
      The practical exercises made everything even better.
      I will definitely come to the advanced course.

    6. Anja Pohlig

      Mr Roskothen explained my questions very well and imparted technical knowledge. As part of a very pleasant conversation, I received a lot of interesting and practical information and learnt more about what else my camera can do.

    7. Richard Boekhoff

      Good morning Mr Roskothen, thank you very much for the pleasant 2 days with you.
      In addition to the clear explanation of the technical basics, I particularly enjoyed the practical realisation the next day. Now I am much more motivated to go on tour with my camera, to deepen the knowledge I have learnt and to implement a new approach to selecting motifs.

      Many thanks for this

    8. Georg Macht

      Hello Mr Roskothen,

      The photo course with you was a complete success for us.

      With your excellent explanation of photographic terms and tips, you helped us a lot to understand and apply the various camera settings.

      With your friendly and open-minded manner, you have further increased our enjoyment of photography.

      We can only rate and recommend you as a "photo teacher".

      Despite the long journey from Franconia, this course was a great benefit for us

      Hiltrud and Georg

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