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The Golden ratio (what is that actually?) is not all that is important in photography to create a good photo to receive. Yours more individual photo course Image composition also teaches the golden ratio and, above all, how the human eye perceives a good photo and how you can take excellent photos yourself. photograph, design and edit.

The distance learning course in image design can be completed from home.

Your individual Photo course image composition is great fun and immediately improves your photography.

As soon as you know how to look at a photo and how to judge it, you will captivate the viewers of your pictures.

Photo course on image design - taking and designing better photos

A photo from Venice. You will learn how to compose images in the photography course digital photography.

A photo from Venice. You will learn how to compose images in the Digital photography course. The photo creates a field of tension between the gate and the window.
The vertical and horizontal lines of the photo are also recognised immediately after the door and window.
These are other image elements that the eye captures in the photo.

A good photo thanks to expertise

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayTo take a good photo, a photographer or amateur photographer needs a camera, the know-how to operate it and a suitable subject. Up to this point, however, photography is only one craft.

Should photography Art - so still better - If the image is to be taken in its entirety, then the knowledge of placement, the order of line, space, depth and, for example, colour or contrast is still missing. The photographer talks about image composition and image design.

Conscious photography is always orientated towards important design rulesthat only very few amateur photographers know. Our photo course on image composition helps here.

Photo becomes art with the know-how of image design

Learn image composition (online or face-to-face)

As a professional photographer, it has always helped me that the Image composition was taught to me. I have been involved in photo design all my life. As a trainer of the Photo school I want you to understand image composition too. Your own photos will win and be admired by your friends and family.

Individual photo course advantage!My wish is a bit self-serving, because I want you to be able to tell a good photo from a bad one. differentiate learn. This skill will help you to improve your photography by leaps and bounds. improve and to no longer just take excellent photos, but also to design them.

Composition of your photos

Image editing also has to do with image composition. If you learn the secrets of the rules from me, you can crop your pictures, edit them better and emphasise them. You can also learn how to edit images in the photo course. Both: Image composition and Image processing can be part of your photo course. Incidentally, every photo course with me is an individual course (maximum of two participants with the same expertise who are friends or relatives) and we discuss the content together. I will help you build up your expertise.

Individual distance learning course in image design online

Your personalised distance learning course in image design online is practical. You simply learn from home, no matter how far away you live from me. All you need is your own computer, an internet connection and free distance learning software (I suggest). This is how it works:

It's all very simple: you contact me for your preferred date and download remote maintenance software in advance so that I can watch you work on your computer. In fact, I can even help you from my studio and, at your request, guide your mouse while you watch and follow everything. This course from your office is possible thanks to the remote maintenance software. At the same time we talk on the phone (also via the software or via telephone if you don't have a camera/microphone on your computer). The course is very simple and great fun. You can learn in the comfort of your own home over a cup of tea or coffee. One of the advantages: you are welcome to record the course and follow it again and again at your leisure!

Advantages of distance learning in image design:

  • Quick help according to your needs
  • No travelling time, no travelling costs
  • No unnecessary emissions - good for our world
  • Intensive and exactly according to your interests
  • You may record the course and watch it as many times as you like for your own purposes

Information on individual photo courses (online or face-to-face)

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