Animal photography course

Why a photo course Animal photographyyou may ask yourself. Photographing wild animals and pets is actually often one of the most difficult photographic tasks, especially when it comes to lively animals. It is easy to learn how to photograph animals even better and it makes great fun:

Photo course animal photography animal photos

Animal photos are a challenge

Animal photoIf you have animals yourself or enjoy seeing animals at the zoo or in the wild (Wildlife), then you know that it takes a lot of patience to capture the right moment. The photographer often only has a brief moment to take a good photo. Everything has to be technically right. If you are photographing your cat, dog or other four-legged friends, it can happen that they come right up to the camera when you want to take the shot.

We teach the basics, the know-how for the technology and you expose the most beautiful animal photos then do it yourself. You will learn the right settings, aperture, time, ISO and lots of tricks for better animal photography.

Animal photography tips and tricks

In the animal photography courses, you will learn how to take better photos of your favourite pets and wild animals. The trainer, Peter Roskothen, will give you many Tricks, Tips and Tricks for moving animal photos, but also for beautiful Animal portraits. You can, of course, analyse all the theory using the Photo excursion deepen your knowledge. This course can also take place in your home where you photograph your animal(s) (on request).

The photo course for animal photos

Individual photo workshopYour animal photography course is a Individual course. This has only advantages: You only have to agree the time for your photo course with us. There are no specific dates. You are alone on the course and can thus supplement your expertise. We build on your existing knowledge and you learn exactly what you want to know.

You will receive tips and tricks for animal photography from professional photographer P. Roskothen. You will have your own photo excursion, the practical part, in which you can put the knowledge you have learnt into practice and ask lots of questions. And another AdvantageYou learn in a very short time, also because the course is an individual course.

Advantage free time management - Photo training RoskothenAdvantage course date:

Animal photography course on a free date

Advantage: Learning success, learn photography quicklyAdvantage learning success:

Learn in the shortest possible time

Advantage: individual photo excursion with you onlyAdvantage photo excursion:

You photograph exclusively and alone with the photo trainer in practice

Advantage of customised photo trainingAdvantage of a customised course:

You build up your expertise with the knowledge you want

Do you enjoy training in animal photography?

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    Invitation to the group excursion

    Photo course, photo training, photo excursion Peter RoskothenAs a customer of the photo courses, you will also automatically be admitted to all Group excursions invited. These are Photo workshopswhich take place several times a year. The great thing about it is that you can beginner photographers and amateur photographers and get to know them exchange. Very nice friendships often develop here and the excursions are great fun.

    As a trainer, I help on the excursion with lots of ideas, new perspectives, tips and answers to technical or content-related questions. But the participants also help each other with their experience. Many of the previous participants share their passion and go on photo excursions together.

    The digital camera for wildlife photography

    SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera)Of course you can work with every camera and any brand (Nikon, Canon, Sony, ...) can take beautiful animal photos. But a fast digital camera with a good lens will increase the yield. F

    n the beginning, anything and any brand is possible and good for the photo course. Later you may ask us which equipment would be even better. We will be happy to help you find the right camera and the best lenses. This could be an inexpensive fixed focal length or a telephoto zoom. We will be happy to advise you!

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