Fotoschule Roskothen - Customised photo courses

Photo school Roskothen Individual photo coursesThe individual Roskothen School of Photography teaches the digital photography, Image processing and Image composition for beginner photographers, advanced photographers, budding photographers and for companies. Yours more individual photo course is unique. You already know why individualised courses are better (example: music lessons):
Learn what you want in your own personalised photo course.
All individual photo courses at the Roskothen Photo School are also available online.

Learn digital photography

Fotoschule Roskothen - Customised photo courses

Digital cameras overview, Roskothen Photo SchoolNo matter which camera You have:

  • You would like to take better photos?
  • You would like something learnto expose beautiful photos?
  • You would like to Create order in thousands of pictures and certain shots?

Nothing could be easier! With our photo school, it doesn't matter whether you are using the Smartphone (e.g. iPhone) or with a digital Compact camera, Bridge camera, System camera or one SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera) photograph.

Learn how to take professional photos yourself quickly and easily

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayOur aim is to Photography and the Eye for good photos. With our photo courses we go New waysbecause we Teach individually. This means that you are the only participant in the course and will be trained by professional photographer Peter Roskothen. No matter whether you beginner or are more advanced Amateur photographerlearning is very important to us. simple.

Individual photo school Roskothen - Learn better

The Photo school for digital photography is thus unique. While VHS photo courses and other photo schools always have several participants, you will be trained exclusively with us in NRW.

Anyone who has ever experienced a course with several participants will be familiar with the Disadvantages of such group courses. If there are ten participants in a course, then roughly speaking five students are underchallenged and five pupils overstrained. This results in Ten dissatisfied pupils. What's more, one student keeps asking questions that the other students think have already been answered. And to add insult to injury, many VHS photography courses are always cancelled shortly before they start because too few participants have registered.

At the Roskothen Photo School there are only advantages to one-to-one tuition

The Photo school in North Rhine-Westphalia provides training for your personal Desired dateswhich you coordinate only with the trainer Peter R. The photo training with us is essential more intensive. There are participants in our photo courses who claim that a three-hour course has taught them more than a 10-hour VHS photo course. Because we build on your existing knowledge and train what you want to learn! In addition, we can customise your own digital camera and photographic equipment.

Photographer, photo trainer and designer Peter Roskothen

The advantages of the photo school for digital photography

  • Advantages of the Roskothen Photo School: Personalised photo courseIndividual choice of dates
  • Customised course - you get Your answers
  • Exactly Learn your digital camera
  • Customised Photo excursion - Practice
  • Faster and easier learning of photography - Intensive course
  • Free choice of content (builds on your expertise)
  • Own Photo studio - Ideal for Product photosmacro photos, portrait, lingerie
  • Hardware calibrated monitors - Edit photos better
  • Professional expertise from a professional Photographer
  • You can save your photos in the Online photo gallery publish at *
  • Counselling the best Photo equipment
  • Suitable for beginner and advanced Amateur photographers, Photographers, freelancers, companies

Do you love photography? Your photo course:

Do you enjoy taking photos and no longer want to use your camera's fully automatic mode? Or do you take a lot of photos and want to Tricks and tips learn from professional photography? No matter which photographic subject you love, we will show you valuable tricks from the professional photographer's life. We teach these topics in your photography course:

Special contents of our photo school

for advanced users or beginners who know their camera

Who is your trainer at the photo school?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen am a professional Photographer and Trainer for the individually better photo school Roskothen. My experience goes back to 1970, when I took my first analogue photos myself. After that, photography developed into a passion for me. As an author and photojournalist, I write about new ideas, topics and cameras on * I present photo books and photo software, give photo courses and also go on interesting photo excursions with the photo students a few times a year.

Enjoy your own photo course?

Telephone photo trainer P. Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or simply use the form:

    I am interested in your photo courses and enjoy photographing these topics

    Nature photography
    Portrait photography
    Macro photography
    Architectural photography
    black and white photography
    Holiday photography
    other photo themes

    I am interested in without obligation:

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    Questions and answers about the photo school FAQ

    Question: Where can I be taught?

    Answer: All over the world, if you speak German or English. The Roskothen Photo School also teaches online with huge learning success and the possibility to record your own photo course and watch it again and again.

    Question: What do I learn in the photography course?

    Answer: That depends on whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. I will customise the photography training content to your requirements.

    Question: How long does the photography course last?

    Answer: This also varies from person to person. In any case, you will learn an incredible amount about photography in just 3 hours and will be able to use your camera straight away. But if, in addition to photography, you also Learn image editing please allow 6+ hours.

    Question: How much does the personalised photo course at the Roskothen Photo School cost?

    Answer: Please ask me in the form, because I differentiate between private and business training, between 3 and more hours of instruction and so on. I will be happy to answer your questions promptly.

    Question: Is the Roskothen Photo School a small photo school?

    Answer: Yes, small and fine, just right to respond to your questions and expertise. Just take a look at the customer reviews. Thank you!

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