Photo course for advanced photo amateurs

This individual photo course for advanced photo amateursThe training programme for photographers and companies is specially tailored to you, your know-how and your digital camera. You learn to take professional photos and we expand your photographic knowledge. This can be a Classroom course or you can also use the individual online photo course for advanced photo amateurs prove it:

Do you have specific questions? Write them down and get answers in this personalised advanced photography course.

Photography course for advanced, amateur photographers and enthusiasts

The advanced photography course builds on your knowledge and is great fun.

Don't know if you are advanced? It doesn't matter, because this is a personalised course that builds precisely on your knowledge.

Individual photography course for advanced students, also online

You already have Basic knowledge photography and photograph accordingly with Fun and Enthusiasm? Would you describe yourself as an advanced or amateur photographer or photographer and know, for example, about the function of Aperture, exposure time and ISO? In other words, would you like to Expand your photography skills and in a specially customised, better photo course learn?

Do you have specific questions about your camera, image composition, image processing or workflow? Are you interested in a particular photographic topic? And you can wait a long time for answers in a group course, book or video. That's why I can help you with exactly your Answers and a course that is completely harmonised is.

Online photo course Advanced via Internet with video, audio and recording option!

1 and 1 photo course

This better photo course for photo amateurs with previous knowledge is something very special. It is a 1+1 course (Exception: partners, friends, relatives who are at the same level = partner course / 2+1 course). In other words: you are the participant and I, Peter Roskothen, am your personal photo trainer.

Before the online photo course

In the run-up to the photography course, I will ask you what you would like to learn. I will then customise the course content exactly to your wishes. As I am a professional photographer, I can, for example, show you valuable tips and tricks from my day-to-day work on your favourite subject, use your existing Refresh your knowledge and complement them. In the We course, we also like to take a look at Your pictures together. With constructive observations you will learn many valuable things for your success.

In the 1+1 intensive course you will get answers to your questions about photography. We talk about your digital camera in detail.

Possible contents of the photo courses

  • Night photography
  • Macro photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Sports photography or action photography
  • Product photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Wildlife photography / animal photography
  • HDR photography
  • Panoramic photography
  • Black and white photos
  • Focus stacking
  • Photography in the dark
  • Photographing in RAW versus JPG
  • Better flash, Unleashed flash, Studio flashes, HSS flash, TTL flash, Manual settings
  • Custom functions
  • Advanced image design and composition
  • White balance and colours
  • Manual exposure - without and with AutoISO and exposure compensation
  • Three ways to recognise the correct exposure
  • Autofocus and manual focussing with a difference / hyperfocal distance
  • Fixed focal length versus zoom lens
  • Photographing with backlighting
  • Studio photography
  • Setting light, light painting
  • Colour calibration of monitor and camera
  • Image editing and archiving (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements)
  • Flares, summer photos and cross photos
  • Analogue look and lomo feel
  • Wide-angle photography with hyperfocal distance
  • and much more

Your advanced training in a quiet environment

As an advanced user Amateur photographer or Amateur photographer learn at your leisure in the Intensive photography course. Through this Save time. The training ultimately leads to an enormous Increase your photographic potential. In beautiful surroundings you will learn Roskothen School of Photography on top of that to your Desired date. As the only participant, you will have the chance to ask all your questions and have me, as a professional photographer, answer your exact questions. Answers to receive.

Above all, the photo course for photo amateurs is great fun

Advantages of individual training (face-to-face or online)

In the photo training for advanced photographers, we focus precisely on your digital camera in. I will also give you valuable Photography tips and tricksto your Photographic equipment and, if required Image processing.

Depending on your previous knowledge, you may first want to learn more about the topic of Depth of field (depending on three factors)? Or would you like to find out how your flash works best with fast exposure times? Unleashed flash is also interesting, as it ultimately produces better photos.

You may enjoy Backlit shots? Depending on your favourite topic, either a Excursion (portrait photos, architectural photos, sports photos, animal photos, nature photos,...) or quiet work in the studio (portrait photos, macro photos, Product photos,...). Our own photo studio is well equipped for all eventualities.

Video example course content Unleashed flash

Just an example of flash: The course can deal with why you should use flash at all, or when it's better not to. How do you flash professionally? What is unleashed flash, what tools can you use to achieve this and how do you set up the flash units? What is tong light, effect light and how exactly is it set up? The video example:


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Questions and answers about the amateur photography course

Digital cameras overview, Roskothen Photo SchoolDoes the camera play a role?

No, the camera doesn't matter. No matter which digital camera you have, we will cater for it exactly. You can take professional photos with any digital camera and even with a smartphone. I will also be happy to advise you on the right camera equipment for you as part of the course.

Does age play a role?

No, your age doesn't matter when it comes to photo training. We are equally happy to train children, adults and senior citizens successfully.

Isn't an individual course difficult?

Learn digital photography in an easy-to-understand wayA customised course makes learning much easier. Incidentally, we start where you are with your expertise and would like to learn more. After all, you will learn advanced photographic techniques in a very gradual way. I explain professional photography in a simple and straightforward way. Later in the course, we also put everything into practice (own photo excursion or photo studio).

What are the prices for such a course?

This depends on how many hours you would like to book. Please ask for your personalised offer in the form below or give me a call. I look forward to explaining everything to you in detail.

Can I give the course as a gift to an advanced amateur photographer?

You can also give the course as a gift. We have Many gift vouchers for the photo course to choose from and will be happy to send them to you. Here is an overview of the vouchers:

Interested in an advanced photography course (or gift voucher)?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenTelephone photo trainer Peter Roskothen 0 21 58 40 40 62 or:

    I am interested in without obligation:

    Prices for photo courses for amateurs and advanced photographers
    Gift voucher photo training

    Should it be a private or business training course?

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    Advanced training reference

    Reference advanced photography courseAt the end of the photo course for advanced photo amateurs, I like to ask whether there are any suggestions for improvement or how satisfied the participant is. Here, for example, are the answers from one participant:

    Erwin T. from Friedberg wrote in response to the question of whether he had learnt a lot:

    yes, especially with regard to the planned safari in Tanzania

    Our second question was what else you would have liked for the training:

    I am completely satisfied. New questions may be added over time that are waiting to be answered.

    Finally, we ask how you enjoyed the training:

    Very good. The individual support in particular was outstanding.

    Erwin T. received the photo course gift voucher for his birthday. We would like to thank him for his honest feedback!

    Depending on what you want, I can give your advanced photography course in Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Mönchengladbach Viersen Krefeld Kempen, Grefrath Nettetal Wesel Moers, Geldern Duisburg Oberhausen Essen and many other cities in NRW. On the other hand, in Grefrath you have the peace and quiet you need to enjoy the photo course. In my Photo school we also have plenty of opportunities for excursions together. This even includes wildlife photography. Please enquire briefly. Thank you!

    afc755984f2b432c8cdac99979e8dc20 - Photo course for advanced photo amateurs

    Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer, photo trainer, photo journalist (* and offers personalised photo courses for advanced photo amateurs, photographers and enthusiasts, also online.


    1. Dr Hans Peter Both

      My lovely wife gave me a photography course for my birthday! I've been taking photos since the mid-70s, since the early 80s with an Olympus OM2, since 2005 digitally, first with a Leica V-Lux, then for a year now with a Sony Alpha 7 II, whereby I can use my old Olympus lens treasures 1:1 on the full-frame camera using an adapter. The results are impressive.
      So why take another photography course?
      After a short "check-up" (what interests me, what kind of subjects I photograph...) we started - with theory, oh wonder: finally an approach for simply estimating the correct manual focus. And so it went on, on the theory and practice of the physical and creative relationships between aperture, hyperfocal distance, selection of the correct exposure time, lens selection and then, as part of a small but fine excursion, on the subject of the rule of thirds, golden ratio and perspective as well as depth of field in the context of image composition.
      In short, I really enjoyed being able to work so intensively with a professional. It really helped me progress! Above all, I found the manual work very good and not least the fact that it's not about more and more technically sophisticated and expensive and good-looking accessories, but about working with the eye, the choice of subject, the actual use of the camera. It's the result that counts - and that's the picture!
      Many thanks for the exciting and very enjoyable 3 hours!

    2. Walter Naczke

      Photography is not rocket science. The course was interesting and informative. He managed to get me enthusiastic about photography again. I'm sure there would have been a few more questions. Of course, you can't do all this in 3 hours. But who knows, maybe we'll meet again.
      Best regards from Walter Naczke

    3. Richard U.

      My photo course...........
      I received this as a birthday present.
      In response to the request, I have previously described the topics that interest me.
      Once we arrived in Grefrath, we set off without hesitation.

      Topics such as black/white adjustment... manual adjustment
      Manual setting of the depth of field..... in the blink of an eye.
      Explanation of the camera .......... (Functions)
      Eye tracking in relation to the captured image
      1/3 rule (golden ratio).......Give the picture expressiveness
      Black/white conversion
      Using the flash and, above all, how important it is...... up to this point, I very often refused to use it.
      Out into the park to take landscape/object shots and recognise the effect of the above-mentioned points live.
      Right up to the important point... how do I clean my camera?

      The information was clear and precise, including the immediate realisation with the camera.

      All in all, it was a very entertaining 180 minutes for me.
      I consider this photography course to be very, very good and recommendable. I learnt a lot.

      Thank you very much, Mr Roskothen (Peter) !

    4. Wolfgang A.

      If you're retired, like me, you might find it difficult to admit your own imperfections. Going back into "teaching"? Not me after all. At least that's how I felt after I bought an SLR camera (Fujifilm X-T2). I'd got on really well with my old Canon and had achieved passable results. With the new camera, however, I became increasingly frustrated, especially as the digital manual supplied with it is not exactly a hit, at least from a didactic point of view.

      My internet research then led me down a labyrinthine path to Peter Roskothen's photography course, which promised a remedy. Theory and practice seemed to be the solution. My expectations were correspondingly high when I made my way to Grefrath. To anticipate the result straight away: The expectations were far exceeded: After a detailed discussion, including about my photos (some of which I had brought with me), Peter Roskothen was able to get an accurate picture of my level of previous knowledge in order to tailor the individual course to me. I even enjoyed the theory. The handling of my new camera has become clear to me; the menu system and the underlying performance of the camera is now like an open book in front of me. And it was really fun to put into practice and deepen what I had just learnt in theory. And I also "dusted off" one or two tips from a professional. - To cut a long story short: the course is worthwhile, it is individually tailored to personal prior knowledge and preferences and strikes the right balance between theory and practice. And at the end there are some good tips for completing your equipment.

      The result for me: I'm really keen on photography again. I can only recommend the course. It was a hit for me. I am working on three themes: light and shadow, north-west German landscapes and structures (still lifes). - Dear Peter Roskothen, thank you for the time you took.

    5. ChrFee

      I had arranged a last-minute short introduction to long exposure photography with Mr Roskothen before the summer holidays and it was a great success. On the one hand, I quickly and effectively learned how to use the grey filter in conjunction with my camera and an app, and on the other hand, I got an introduction to the super wide-angle lens recommended to me by Mr Roskothen. It was an entertaining afternoon, especially because everything was tailored to my level of knowledge and I really learnt a lot in two hours and because Mr Roskothen was always friendly, encouraging and competent. The result is great pictures from my holiday in Canada with large-format mountain landscapes and romantic waterfalls. Perfect for a huge poster above the sofa! Thank you.

    6. Peter Meussen

      Today I had the pleasure of an individual training course on the subject of "flash systems" and I am very enthusiastic. It opened up a kind of "new world" for me that was previously hidden from me. I learnt a lot and had some very interesting and interesting conversations. In short: really great and highly recommended!

      Thank you very much, Mr Roskothen!

    7. Hagen Schneider

      I've been shooting with Fuji system cameras since 2015 and would describe myself as advanced ambitious. Recently, I've been thinking again about how I can develop myself further. Inevitably, you then come to the question of whether a photo seminar makes sense and what it should ideally include.

      Through various videos and reviews of Fuji equipment, I came across Peter Roskothen's offer for individual photo seminars. After brief consideration, I contacted him. I expressed my ideas and goals and we decided on the focus of the course. That alone was very exciting for me - a course just for me on the subject of unleashed flash. I have to say that I've hardly photographed any portraits so far, as this is too difficult for me with "available light". And the clip-on flash didn't really deliver satisfactory results. So said - booked.

      On 09 February 2019, the time had come. I was warmly welcomed by Peter Roskothen and after a little refreshment we got into the subject matter. To my surprise, however, we didn't go straight into the studio to discuss the actual focus, but first took a look at some theory and my camera. Dry theory - not at all. We discussed topics such as exposure metering and hyperfocal distance very vividly. We'd heard it all before, but not used it, or at least not used it to its full potential. As it also turned out with the camera, some of my settings were not really optimal. It was often small things that I now do or set differently. In practice, however, it was a huge gain and extremely useful. This clearly showed the effectiveness of a seminar by a Fuji user for a Fuji user.
      But then we came to the actual topic, lightning. Firstly, the basics for a fundamental understanding. I quickly realised what potential it had. In the studio, I took my first specific steps with my own flash. Here I had my first revelation about the differences that small changes in the application can make. Subsequently, other flashes (from Mr Roskothen) were combined with mine and tested in a wide variety of settings and configurations. Various softboxes and reflectors were then added. The results obtained were discussed directly in terms of illumination and lighting effect. This once again demonstrated the great advantage of an individual and personalised course.

      The course ended with lots of new information, impressions and ideas and I have to say - I was and am more than satisfied. I learnt and experienced far more than I had imagined. And not without consequences. In the near future, I will be adding at least a softbox with tripod and a portable background to my photographic equipment, because I think I will be doing more portraits in the future.

      Thank you very much for this enriching experience.

    8. Dirk Hübner

      After a long break, I have bought an SLR again and rediscovered the fun of photography. I came across Mr Roskothen on the Internet while looking for a photography course tailored to my needs and then booked a private course just over a week ago.
      For me, the 4 hours were a very good mix of theory, recommendations for helpful photo apps, product recommendations for accessories and practice. Just as I had hoped in advance...

      The excursion to Arcen Castle in the Netherlands with its beautiful and varied castle park made the course a complete success. Equipped with my own camera and a wide range of accessories from Mr Roskothen's equipment collection, I was able to make my first attempts at putting what I had learnt into practice under Mr Roskothen's guidance.

      Thank you very much, also for being so active on the Internet with and making your knowledge freely available to many.

      Summary: Absolutely recommendable!

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