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The photo school Roskothen offers customized 1:1 photography courses for you as a beginner or a more experienced photographer. Learning photography in the individual photo course means a course exactly suited for you, with the content you want to learn. You will take better photos and have a lot of fun. The personalised photo courses are a 1:1 photo coaching (online).

Photo trainer - Learn to take photos in a personalised photo course

Your photo course is so valuable, because you are learning with your digital camera, your questions and your existing expertise. In addition, if you live in Germany you can have a personal photo-excursion. If you live wherever, the recordable live and personal online-course gives you the opportunity to watch the video again and fill some gaps.

Fotoschule Roskothen Individual photo courses - Online photo courses / distance learning courses

Customised online photo courses / distance learning courses

Current individual online photo courses / distance learning courses: You can learn image editing with Lightroom, Capture One, Luminar, DxO PhotoLab or even your photography, in the Online photo course / distance learning course. Advantage: You are studying photography at home and save a lot of time.

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Professional photographer Peter RoskothenAs a professional Photographer with own Photo studio I, Peter Roskothen, offer you Application photos, Company photosemployee photos, advertising photos, object photography and Product photos.

Peter Roskothen Professional photography

I am a photographer for Mönchengladbach Viersen Krefeld Kempen Kaarst Neuss Grefrath Nettetal Wesel Moers Düsseldorf Geldern Duisburg Oberhausen Essen and many more cities in NRW.

I, Peter Roskothen, am a photo trainer and give German-language photo training courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries (USA, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Great Britain) for companies and private photo amateurs / photographers. I claim to be one of the best photography schools in Germany. Please decide whether I succeed in this. Thank you very much and happy learning photography!

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