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Photo school Roskothen Individual photo coursesOur customised photo course Digital image processing is aimed at all photographers who would like to know more. With this photo editing course, you can easily create wonderful photos that will leave your relatives and friends speechless. The course will also help you to master your flood of images. Learn digital image editing quickly:

Lightroom training Image editing LR learning Photo course Photo school

The individual photo editing course of the Roskothen School of Photography for Lightroom, DxO PhotoLab, Luminar and Capture One

Digital image processing turns a good photo into an outstanding one.

Retrieve images in seconds at the touch of a button

Backup your own valuable photos

Your photos with a WOW effect

Digital photo editing

In this Photo course digital image processing learn to turn a good photo into a excellent picture to make. You will also be able to perfectly organise and find your photos after the photo course. You will learn how to name and tag your photos correctly. With the photo editing software Adobe LightroomAdobe Photoshop, Capture One or Luminar, you can edit your images to perfection. Your photos are sure to be admired with this editing:

Left: The original is crooked and the sea flows off to the left. Right: With this photo editing course you will get the WOW effect for your pictures!

Why edit digital photos?

In analogue photography, you could store your prints in the Photo lab edit. Today you can enhance the photographs from your digital camera on your Windows PC or Mac. The modern development lab is the computer with the right Software for image processing. The best photo editing is not automatic image editing, but your own manual editing.

The photo lab used to do the work. Today, we have to do the image processing ourselves.

If you use an unprocessed with a compare professionally edited photothen you will quickly realise that perfect photo editing makes a big difference. As an example, I have taken a photo from the Sports photography for you. At first, the image from the camera seems quite insignificant and would perhaps not even be considered noteworthy by you?

Your photos will win with the digital photo editing course:

Photo editing course with Lightroom, Luminar or Capture One
Photo editing course with Lightroom, Luminar or Capture One

On the left, the photo directly from the camera. Would you rate the photo positively at all?
The photo on the right is edited. You can quickly learn how to do this yourself with our photo course!

Better organisation and retrieval of photos

Organising photos Photo courseMany photographers have tens of thousands of digital photos on the computer and would like to Order into the photo chaos. But how do I find exactly what I'm looking for in the thousands of images? With the Photo course digital image processing learn to find that one photo in your photo collection.

The right software for editing photos

As a trainer, I always like to recommend Adobe Lightroom, Luminar or Capture One for editing and archiving your photos. This software is inexpensive and runs on both Windows PCs and Apple MACs. I am also happy to teach you Photoshop image editing if you already have the programme for photo editing. In fact, professional image editing is almost always done with one of these programmes.

Video about the digital image editing course


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Whether Adobe Lightroom (rental software), DxO Photolab, Luminar or Capture One, the individual training is customised for you.

Photo editing course

Our training courses are customised. You will learn everything about the Lightroom or Photoshop software and how to use the Image editing software. You will learn how you can Archive, Find it again quickly and much more.

  1. Individual photo course advantage!The fastest Workflow in the Photo editing
  2. View photographs, Evaluate and edit
  3. What is a good photo? How does the eye see a photo?
  4. JPG or RAW Edit photos, other lossless photo formats (image processing without loss of quality)
  5. Your Adding brilliance to photographs
  6. The photo in different ways "develop", edit and Archive
  7. Manage, secure and present (photo galleries)
  8. The dangers for photos and the Perfect data backup

Tips and tricks for digital photo editing

I give you Tips and trickshow you can quickly organise, edit and output your photos. I would be happy to show you how to sharpen photos to create a Panorama together as you would a HDR photo different plugins, presets and much more. I will show you how to change a photo, how to create a retro photo or how to edit a photo in colour so that only the yellow taxi in New York is yellow.

You want to know how to create the most beautiful Black and white photos from your digital colour photos? Is black and white photography your favourite? I would be happy to show you the various possibilities from colour photos to black and white photos. This video is just a small example of the possibilities. There are plugins and many other ways to achieve your goal.

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Who is the digital image processing course suitable for?

No matter whether you beginner or advanced amateur photographer I will explain to you the best possible way to handle your photographs, and image processing. With the digital photo editing course, you can increase the Quality of your photographs. And you will learn how to easily find the photo among thousands. Also the Fuse of your photographs is an important part of the training.

Are you advanced amateur photographer or Professional photographer? Then we will explain the optimal image processing workflow to you:

  1. Workflow saves a lot of timeImport of the photographs
  2. Metadata add
  3. Photos Rate
  4. Keywords Assign, keywording
  5. Specifications create and save yourself
  6. Image processing
  7. Variants from pictures
  8. Photographs artistic change
  9. Camera profiles
  10. Colour corrections
  11. and much more, right up to the quality-optimised Workflow for reportage photography

Who is the trainer for the course?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and for many years have been an expert in Adobe LR, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar and Capture One. I train the handling of photos and photography for beginners and advanced photographers. I use image editing software daily and appreciate it because it has many possibilities to develop the images. If you are looking for an excellent Image archiving then Lightroom is still a little further ahead. As a professional photographer, I can offer you many valuable Tips for image editing give.

Photographer, photo trainer and designer Peter Roskothen - Photo course Lightroom Adobe

When and where do the training courses take place?

The digital image processing photography course can be organised at any time and usually takes place at our premises in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. The course is easy to reach from Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Mönchengladbach, Neuss, Kaarst, Ratingen, Willich, Kempen, Viersen, Grefrath, Erkelenz, Aachen, Erkrath, Geldern, Moers, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Witten, Essen, Cologne, Bochum, Mülheim and many other places in NRW.

Prerequisites for the photo course¶

Roskothen photo school, photo coursesAll my photo courses of the Photo school Roskothen are individual and build on your personal prior knowledge. Your prior knowledge is the basis and I customise the course accordingly. We start together where you would like to supplement your knowledge.

The photo course is very Have fun and you will bring your photos (which you are welcome to bring with you) develop optimally. It is helpful if you bring your own laptop, notebook, PC or Mac (including iMac), but not absolutely necessary. Alternatively, I have a MacBook Pro and a large colour-calibrated EIZO monitor available for you. We can also connect the EIZO monitor to your notebook.

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    Tip: Which monitor for image editing?

    The right monitor for image processing - photo courseThe right monitor for photo editing (which I like to use in my photography courses) is always a calibrated monitor. If you spend hours, days, weeks or months editing your photos, it is only logical that you should be able to judge the brightness and colours and edit them correctly. The image editing tutorial not only teaches you how to use the software, but also explains how to calibrate your monitor or notebook display if you wish. And I will be happy to advise you on which monitor might be right for you. There are excellent, inexpensive monitors for photographers.

    © Fotoschule Roskothen: Peter Roskothen is a professional photographer and trainer of the photo courses / photo course digital image processing


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