Photo studio photographer Roskothen

Photo studio photographer Peter Roskothen: My studio is equipped with the latest equipment and we can take all photos with the best light regardless of the weather.

Photo studio photographer Peter Roskothen

Photo studio for human photography

Special portraits, Exclusive portrait photos, Glamour photos and all human photography require really good light. Contrary to popular belief, sunlight is not good light for portrait photography. You can of course take good shots in sunlight, but these are usually associated with shadows on the face. Because the weather is often not ideal and you still want beautiful portraits, our photo studio is a great option.

Photo studios are also worthwhile for all other human photography: family photos, children's photos, baby photos, job application photos and nude photos or lingerie photos.

Photo studio product photos for companies

Optimal Portraits (also image photos) and Better product photos for companies are always photographed with the best lighting. A modern studio is therefore a must for all highly professional photos for companies. No matter whether you want to use these photos for your website or for a flyer or catalogue, trade fair presentation or annual report.

Where is photographer Peter Roskothen's studio?

My studio is located in Grefrath with Krefeld / Düsseldorf. As a professional photographer I have created a professional Photo studio for all photo shoots such as job application photos, family photos, children's photos, company photos, Product photosportraits and more. In the photo studio, you can "shape" with light and illuminate excellently. This is ideal for all portraits and product shots. In our studio, we also have the flexibility to take a wide variety of shots with studio flash systems.

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I, Peter Roskothen, am a photographer with a photo studio and media designer. I write as a photojournalist in and also advise companies on photography and internet, web design and staff for the maintenance of their websites and social media. My professional photography lives from my idea to create only the most beautiful, vivid photos for you. I only want to deliver photographs that I would want for myself. I am happy about everyone who gives this website a Eye or become a fan on Facebook.

The photo studio photographer P. Roskothen is easily accessible from Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Mönchengladbach Viersen Krefeld Kempen Grefrath Nettetal Wesel Moers Geldern Duisburg Oberhausen Essen and many other cities in NRW. Please just ask for more information.

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