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The photo course Nature photography / landscape photography is suitable for young people and adults, for beginner photographers and photo amateurs of all ages. We teach nature photos, landscape photos and macro photos particularly easily in individual photo courses:

Landscape photography is great fun

Learn quickly and intensively with a personalised photography course

Expose better nature photos with the right tips and tricks

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Individual photo course nature photography & landscape photography

Photo school Roskothen Individual photo coursesDo you love photographing animals, plants or landscapes? Are you looking for a photography course in landscape photography, nature photography or macro photography? In contrast to VHS coursesbooks and other possibilities to learn digital photography, we offer Individual courses. With the individual photo course nature photography learn the right dose of knowledge for the Nature photography.

You will Have fun in the photo course. In the Roskothen School of Photography is that learning of photography simplebecause we:

  • Yours Expertise continue to build up in a targeted manner
  • To your Address interests and questions
  • You New perspectives and Motifs point out
  • You Valuable photography tips give
  • Your Questions for nature photography, landscape photography, macro photography and animal photography answer exactly
  • Exactly on Your digital camera enter
  • Your Desired date can vote with us

Who is the trainer for the nature photography / landscape photography courses?

Professional photographer and photo trainer Peter RoskothenI, Peter Roskothen, am Professional photographer and am Your personal trainer from the personalised nature photography course. I photograph professionally and have Daily photo experiencewhich I am very happy to pass on to you. Nature photos, animal photos, landscape photos and macro photos are my speciality.

Who is the photo school suitable for?

I train both beginner photographershow Amateur photographers who would like to learn more. Whether you are a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen, the hobby of photography is a tremendous source of inspiration. Enrichment.

With me you simply learn to take better photographs. I also give successful Training courses for other photographic topics, which you can find here >>

Individual photo course photo workshop - Photo course nature photography macro photography landscape photography

Where is the nature photography course?

The Photo training is usually located in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf and is therefore easy to reach from the entire Ruhr area, the Lower Rhine, Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. Of course we give the photo course alternatively at your location (please specify in the enquiry). Here in Grefrath you can switch off your mobile phone and have time to relax and learn. Together we will go on a Photo excursion where you deepen your knowledge of the theory and get practice with the camera technology.

What is special about our nature photography / landscape photography course?

We will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to get to grips with your own digital camera. You will get to know all the functions of your camera. We take care of the better picture, the art of image composition, eye tracking and creativity in photography.

To do this, we also go together to your own Photo excursion and deepen your knowledge of photography. You will create better photos with new perspectives and ideas that you will always remember. During the photo excursion and afterwards, we will discuss your photos in a constructive way. Also the Photo editing you can learn how to archive your photos and find them in seconds.

Advantages of photo training nature / landscape

Individual photo course advantage!The advantages of the exclusive nature photography and landscape photography course are the Individual training. Whereas in a group course you are a small cog in the wheel, overwhelmed or underchallenged with the speed (i.e. always dissatisfied), my course is individualised:

  • Exactly yours Date
  • Structure on your Expertiseno matter where you are
  • More intensive Course - short learning time
  • Valuable Expertise from a professional
  • Exactly your questions will be answers
  • Advice on Photo equipment
  • Exhibition of your photos at * (on request)
  • You learn exactly your digital camera

What is trained?

Depending on your previous knowledge, this can be the content of the photo course (many more are possible):

  • Basics of time and aperture in camera technology - Automatic and manual control of the camera
    Photography on the subject of time, aperture and ISO
  • Depth of field
  • Overexposure and underexposure - Exposure compensation
  • Focusing - Automatic / Manual
  • White balance
  • JPG versus RAW
  • Filter technology, polarising filters, grey filters, grey graduated filters
  • Camera operation - Understanding and using all camera functions
  • Flash - working correctly with the flash
  • Picture elements - form and colour
    Photography on the subject of form and colour (photo excursion) - discussion of the photos
  • Image composition / image composition - visual direction, framing, depth, editing
  • Photography on the subject of image composition - tips for the photos
  • Image editing & photo archiving - photo software, workflow, file formats, corrections, bw & colour, archiving, retrieval
  • HDR photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Long exposures
  • ...

Which digital camera is necessary?

In contrast to other lecturers, as a photographer and trainer, any camera and any smartphone is fine with me. It doesn't depend on the brand of digital camera. Whether Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujfiilm or Leica:

The best camera is the one you have with you. Simply get more out of your digital camera / smartphone!

Gift voucher photo school

Gift voucher for a nature photography courseAlternatively, you can give the landscape photography / nature photography / macro photography course to your partner, your friend, your children for Christmas, a birthday or simply in between. give away. The Gift voucher you will receive on a beautiful card in an envelope. You can write your own congratulations on the card. The name of the Recipients is entered by us.

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