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If you will soon be in Holidays or come back from holiday with lots of photos, then our photo course Holiday photos definitely the right thing for you!

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Our holiday photo course lets you discover the take the most beautiful photos and find again. You probably know the situation: You are travelling in Holidays. Your camera is waiting to be used, the batteries are charged and you are looking forward to having time for your beloved hobby of photography again. But then, like every year, you have that dreadful thought: How did that work with the camera again? And what's the easiest way to organise the photos afterwards?

Whether you're travelling to the beach, the mountains, on a city break or relaxing on a cruise ship: The photo training holiday photos lets you take better photos![/caption]

Photo course holiday photos with know-how

Always photograph in the Fully automatic of your camera. Finally, you want to know what's behind the other settings.

Where are the stupid instructions for the camera? And why is it all so complicated and written in small print?

Would you also like to learn how to take digital holiday photos?

You would probably also like to know why professionals like to put the lens hood on the lens. Or why the camera takes so many photos that are too dark or too bright.

It cost an arm and a leg! Why can't the digital camera expose it properly?

We explain why the camera does not always expose correctly. And we show you how to expose your photo correctly. And we explain the quickest way to view, sort and save your photos.

How do I take great portraits?

Photography course Photo trainingWould you also like beautiful Portraits photograph with a blurred background and no shadows under the eyes? We'll give you instructions that you'll always remember. We'll also go photography together and I'll explain how to take the world's best portraits of your loved ones!

How do I take beautiful nature photos?

You like to take photos on holiday Nature photos, Landscape photos, Macro photos or City photos? We explain the best way to take these photos.

Time to get to know the digital camera

In our photo course for holiday photos, I will explain the functions of your digital camera. You will learn how to create the perfect photo. And I'll explain how you can easily organise your photos and store and retrieve only the good ones. All this in this special photo course!

Where does the holiday photo course take place?

If you want to learn how to photograph, edit, sort and save your photos in peace and quiet and with lots of fun, then come to us in Grefrath near Krefeld / Düsseldorf. Here you will have peace and quiet and can concentrate fully on your photography.
In addition to a bit of theory, we will go on an individual photo excursion together and can also take care of editing your photos with photo software.

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    I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and trainer for holiday photo training. I write as a photojournalist for For many years I have been giving photo courses for private beginner photographersamateur photographers and for companies. The holiday photo training course will get you in shape and is specially designed for holidays.


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    You can easily reach the photo course from Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Mönchengladbach Viersen Krefeld Kempen Grefrath Nettetal Wesel Moers Geldern, Duisburg Oberhausen Bochum Essen and many other cities in NRW.

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