Photo trainer and photographer Peter RoskothenNew photo courses at the Roskothen Photo School

The Roskothen School of Photography presents new photo courses with fresh ideas. As a photo beginner or photo amateur, you have a personal photo trainer in me, Peter Roskothen. Because the special photo course is individualThis means exclusively with one participant for faster learning success.

Photo course for two

The only exception is the photography course for two, which is worthwhile for friends, relatives or couples. But also for godmother and godchild or similar friendships with similar photographic expertise.

Advantages of an individual photo course

Photo school Roskothen Individual photo coursesThe new photo courses have the advantage of free choice of dates, you get to know your camera and get answers from professional photographer and photo trainer Peter R.. Included is well-explained and simple theory, as well as your own photo excursion or a visit to the photo studio.

Photo course Nikon Canon Sony Panasonic Fujifilm iPhone

Instead of your own level, you can of course also choose a personalised photography course to suit your camera. The brands are all well-known and it doesn't even matter for advanced photo amateurs, because it's all about photography, the eye, image composition, perspective and much more. Nevertheless, I also have the right course for your camera if you want to search for it:

The new photo courses at a glance:

Analogue photography and exposure course

You are looking for a better individual photo course Analogue photography and exposure? Then you, like me, love analogue photography ...

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Learning photography the easy way - 10 tips

If you are completely Simply learn photographyor want to expand your know-how, then there are several ways to reach your goal.

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Lightroom Course Online Distance Learning

The individual Lightroom course Online (distance learning) all about image processing with Adobe Lightroom (LR) will help you get started and continue learning. ...

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Better customised online photo courses 10 advantages guaranteed

Better individual Online photo courses: Learn exclusive photography quickly online with the Roskothen School of Photography. The Online photo courses Photography, ...

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Photo course for advanced photo amateurs

This individual photo course for advanced photo amateursThe training programme for photographers and companies is specially tailored to you, your know-how and your digital camera. ...

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Distance learning course in photography Image design Image editing easy to learn online

In the Distance learning photography you can quickly learn photography, image composition or image editing online from home. This is ...

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Online photo course DxO PhotoLab image processing

The individual online photo course DxO PhotoLab image processing helps you to familiarise yourself with the software. With your own course we will ...

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Online photo training

The Customised online photo training via the Internet is perfect for all photographers who want to expand their knowledge or are just starting out with ...

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iPhone photo course

The individual iPhone photo course: The best photos are taken with the camera you have with you. So that you can ...

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Photography with a personalised Canon photography course

You have a Canon digital camera and would like to be even better learn to take better photos? In this customised Canon photo course learn ...

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