Photography course Learn photography the easy way

Simple learning of photography with our customised photo course for beginner, Amateurs and The company. The better photography courses teach the digital photography. Your contents are customised to you or your company:

Learn to take photos easily - Better photo courses

Simply learn to take photos in your own photo course with professional photographer Peter Roskothen

Yours own, individual photo course takes your expertise into account and is tailored precisely to you and your digital camera. Do you have one or more Favourite photo areas? You can combine these topics as you wish:

Your photo training for high-quality photos and more knowledge about your camera and image composition

Photo courses for the fun of photography!

Photography course Photo training Our better photography courses will not only teach you the Camera technologyWe can also take care of your image composition together, photograph together outdoors or in our photo studio (photo excursion) and discuss the resulting photos. In addition to digital photography, you may want to delve deeper into Image processing (e.g. Photoshop or Lightroom), through to secure photo archiving. Your advantage is our professional, occupational know-how through years of experience (we have been providing Photoshop training since 2002).

Learn your camera functions with your own photo course. You will recognise great subjects, learn how to compose the image and quickly take better photos. You will find it very easy to manage and retrieve all your photos in a matter of seconds.

Ideas for your photo training:

  • The Get to know the digital camera
  • Time, aperture, ISO
  • Automatic exposure Your camera
    Photography on the subject of time and aperture / depth of field - discussion of your photos
  • Overexposure and underexposure - Exposure compensation
  • Focussing - the automatic systems and how to bypass them
  • The right White balance
  • Flashing with the system flash - also unleashed flash
  • RAW vs JPG
  • HDR Photography
  • Black and white Photography
  • Filter techniques
  • Picture elements - form and colour
    Photography on the subject of colour and form - appraisal of your photos
  • Image composition/Image composition - Visual direction, framing, cut, depth
  • Photography on the subject of image composition, photo excursion - discussion of the photos
  • Image processing - Editing software, workflow, corrections, archiving

Valuable ideas for your photography, photo tips from a professional photographer, taking photos together - quickly and easily in our Learn photography course!

On request, we can take photos together outsidein your company or alternatively in our Photo studio. In the individual photo courses we will be happy to explain the How to use your camera, tips and tricks for photography and what you would like to learn about it!

Photography course offer: Who is the course suitable for?

Whether you are a bloody beginner photographers in photography, or an advanced beginner in photography, or an advanced intermediate in photography. Amateur photographer the photo course is just right for you, because it is customised to your know-how. Before you take the photography course with us, we will discuss your knowledge and interests and customise the course to suit you. So that you learn exactly what you want to photograph.

Tip: We are also happy to look at your photographs at the start of the photography course. Please bring good, and definitely problematic, photos with you so that we can look at them together.

Photo school trainer Peter Roskothen, learning photography, photography courseWho gives the Photography courses?

Peter Roskothen is your trainer. As Professional photographer and specialised journalist in photography with decades of experience, he gives you Tips and trickshas ideas and shows you new Perspectives and Possibilities.

Where and when is the photo course?

The date is the same freely selectable, as the content of your photo course and is simply customised. You can take the course at your home (please specify on the form) or at our premises. The advantage of the Photo school in our house is that you can enjoy the peace and quiet and that we have a great Photo excursion can undertake.

Digital camera, photo course, photo schoolWhich analogue or digital camera do I need for this course?

The camera is almost completely irrelevant. A good photographer cooks a delicious meal with every pot. You own a small compact camera, a bridge camera, a system camera or an analogue or digital SLR camera and learn to take better photos with it.

(We also offer special photo courses for analogue cameras).

What is special about the Roskothen photography school?

The photo course is therefore particularly valuablebecause you learn a lot in a very short time and we take your previous knowledge into account. You will therefore make incredibly fast progress and have a lot of fun on the photo course. We can also advise you on your photographic equipment if you wish. You will also be invited to take part in the group photo excursions (which are great fun).

Advantage free time management - Photo training RoskothenTime planning advantage:

Selectable date of the photo training (when you have time)

Advantage: Learning success, learn photography quicklyAdvantage of quick learning success:

Valuable expertise from a professional photographer in the shortest possible time

Advantage: individual photo excursion with you onlyAdvantage photo excursion:

You go on a photo excursion exclusively and alone with the photo trainer

Advantage of customised photo trainingAdvantage Individual training:

You get exactly the photo knowledge you need

How much does the Learn photography course cost?

Prices of the photo course on request (see below). There are various options. You can briefly state your wishes in the notes field, mention your camera equipment and explain where you would like to build up your expertise. The more detailed your information, the better we can offer you a suitable course.

Learn photography course as a gift with a gift voucher

Photo course voucher - Learn photography with the "Technique" theme

Professional course - gift voucher "Technique" (will be delivered with the desired duration of the photo course and the name of the recipient)

Voucher photography course - "Nature" learning photography

Professional course - "Nature" gift voucher (with the desired duration of the photo course and the name of the recipient)

Would you like more information?

Professional photographer Peter RoskothenPeter Roskothen Photographer and trainer
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    I am interested in a photo training course:
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    Children's photos
    Nature photography
    Landscape photography
    Macro photography
    Street photography
    Photographing in the dark / at night
    Black and white photography
    Structures and colours
    Sports photography
    Animal photography
    Photography on holiday
    Still life photography / product photography
    Nude photography / Lingerie photography
    Product photography
    Architectural photography
    Corporate photography
    other photo themes

    I am a photo beginner
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    The recipient is a photo novice
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    I am interested in without obligation:
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    Offers photo courses

    The photo courses for companies and Private individuals We teach photography, digital processing and how to work more quickly with photos. We give our Photography courses in Düsseldorf and the surrounding Lower Rhine and Ruhr area (Kaarst, Neuss, Mönchengladbach Kempen Krefeld Grefrath Viersen Nettetal Moers Duisburg Essen ...). Alternatively, you can come to us and learn in a cosy and quiet working environment.

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    1. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It really is like that. Before the photography course with you, I really enjoyed taking photos, but now I've gone one step further. Well, I'm still experimenting a lot and I'm not always very happy with the results (especially with moving pictures), but I think I'll get there. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to spend that much time practising yet.

      I will definitely do a second course. Then hopefully in sunshine, although I could still practise photographing the raindrops.

      In any case, thank you once again for the great communication of the technical details and the newly awakened joy of photography.

      • Thank you for your very nice comment. I'm very pleased that you enjoy photography so much. I very often find that the photo course gives you a real boost and motivates you. Thank you and best regards, Peter Roskothen

    2. David Schwass

      The photo course on portrait photography was very valuable and good for me. The subject had been on my mind for some time, but I was simply missing some expert advice and background knowledge such as lighting, positioning of the person to be photographed and much more.
      Peter took a lot of time for the theory and the subsequent practice and I was then able to put what I had learnt into practice under his supervision in his studio and then outside in the park.

      All in all, I got a lot of valuable tips and advice along the way and now have a lot to practise ;-)

      I can only recommend the photo courses with Peter! He has a great way of explaining and teaching the topics.

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