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Roskothen School of Photography teaches photography in personal and live courses. Wheather it is digital photography for private photographers, beginners or enthusiastc photo amateurs, companies and organisations. All courses are 1:1 or 1:2 photography courses.

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Simply learn to take better photos

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Creative ideas for your photo training

Learn digital photography quickly and easily: Photo training with photographer Peter Roskothen

I, photo trainer Peter Roskothen, take your know-how into account and give you a customised photo course for you and your digital camera. You probably own one or more Favourite photo areas? You can combine these topics or simply request an individual course without a specific photo topic:

Personalised photo training for great photos and more knowledge about the camera and image composition


Photo training for companies and private individuals - understanding aperture and timePhoto training for companies and private individuals

The photo training courses are suitable for Companies as for Private individuals suitable. On request, the photo training covers everything from photography and digital processing to the customised workflow when dealing with photos. I give the photo courses in Düsseldorf and surroundings Lower Rhine and Ruhr area (photo training Neuss Kaarst Mönchengladbach Kempen Krefeld Grefrath Nettetal, Viersen Wesel Moers Oberhausen Duisburg Essen Cologne Aachen Erkelenz NRW...) or worldwide online.

What would you like to learn about photography?

Learn photo editing and workflow in the photo training course Learn photographyOur joint photography training course builds on your existing basic knowledge. Not only the Camera technology I can arrange this for you, but we can also take care of your Image composition take care of you, photograph together (photo excursion) and discuss your photos. I teach the entire modern Digital photography including further processing (e.g. Photoshop or Lightroom), through to secure photo archiving. The advantage for you lies in my professional expertise and years of daily experience (I have been teaching since 2001).

With the photo training you will learn Camera functions can discover good motifs, design the picture and create even better photos. In addition, your photos will be ready in seconds find again and manage them better.

Ideas for your photo training course Learn to take digital photos

  • Photo training Reference Criticism from a customerGet to know the camera functions
  • Time and aperture in camera technology
  • Automatic exposure settings on your camera Photography on the subject of time and aperture / depth of field
  • underexposure and overexposure - targeted exposure compensation
  • ISO - The sensitivity
  • Focussing - the automatic systems and when they fail
  • Flash, Unleashed flash, Brighten
  • The right white balance / colour temperature
  • RAW vs JPG
  • HDR photography
  • Photos included
  • Filter technology
  • The pictorial elements of form and colour Photography on the subject of colour and form
  • The art of photography - Photographic art
  • How does the eye see a photo? What is a good photo?
  • Image composition and good image composition - Designing good photos yourself
  • Visual direction, framing, cut, depth, light, dynamics, calmness
  • Image editing - editing software, workflow, corrections,
  • Image processing - archiving, file formats, security
  • Calibration of the camera and monitor
  • The law in photography
  • Insurance and equipment

You'll get great ideas for your photography, professional tips from a professional photographer, joint photography sessions - all in the Photo training Digital photography learning!

On request, we can take photos together outside, in your company or alternatively in the photo studio. If required, I will explain the How to use your digital camera, tips and tricks for digital photography and what you would like to learn!

Photo training Photo course trainer Peter Roskothen, photo schoolWho gives the photo training?

I, Peter Roskothen, am a professional photographer and trainer of your Learn digital photography training. I photograph professionally and give you tips from the experience of a professional. I am there for you for your photo training, can set you tasks, show you perspectives, give you ideas and answer your questions in detail.

Who is this photography school suitable for?

For children, young people, adults, senior citizens who like to take photographs and Learn to take even better digital photos would like. It doesn't matter whether you beginner photographers who would like to get to know the digital camera, or whether you advanced amateur photographer are. The training is personalised and is tailored to you and your wishes. Of course, I also welcome amateurs who would like to photograph professionally!

Camera photography school analogue and digital camerasWhich camera do I need for the photo training?

It doesn't matter whether you have an analogue or digital camera. It is also the same whether you are using an iPhoneone Compact cameraone Bridge cameraone System camera or one SLR camera (= Single Lens Reflex Camera) photograph. Also the Brand (I know almost all cameras), resolution, speed of the camera does not matter.

What is special about the Roskothen School of Photography?

Together we build on your individual photographic knowledge. In this way, we can achieve tremendous progress in your photography expertise in a very short time. The Photo school is great fun and will take your photography to the next level (please read the comments below). I will also advise you on your Camera equipment and invite you to the groupPhoto excursions a. The photo excursions are great fun and establish contacts with other photo beginners and photo amateurs. The advantages:

Advantage free time management - Photo training RoskothenTime planning advantage:

The photo training course at a time of your choice

Advantage: Learning success, learn photography quicklyAdvantage of quick learning success:

Learn in the shortest possible time

Advantage: individual photo excursion with you onlyAdvantage photo excursion:

You go on a photo excursion exclusively and alone with the photo trainer

Advantage of customised photo trainingAdvantage Individual training:

You get exactly the photo knowledge you need

Here is a video of a group's photo excursion:


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All customers of the individual digital photography training course are automatically invited to the group photo excursions with me, Peter Roskothen! As part of the photo training, we will go on a photo excursion similar to the one shown here, but I will be there for you alone as a trainer.

Photography training as a gift with a gift voucher

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Voucher for a portrait photography course*

Distance learning photography course

If you prefer an individual distance learning course, for example because you live further away from me, you can find the information about the course here:

Individual distance learning course >>

Do you enjoy your own photo course? More info?

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    I give your photo training in Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Mönchengladbach Viersen Krefeld Kempen Grefrath Nettetal Wesel Moers Geldern Duisburg Oberhausen Essen and many more cities in NRW. Or you can come to us to enjoy the course in peace and quiet. Please enquire briefly. Thank you very much!

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    1. Lothar Henschel

      Hello Peter, thank you very much for the very intensive and informative photography course. I think I learnt (and above all retained!) more during this time than in the various VHS courses I attended before. And thanks to your Lightroom instruction, the pictures are now getting the finishing touches, not forgetting your archiving system, where I can now find things again.
      Thanks for everything, and see you next time

    2. Stephan Backes

      Hi Peter!
      The course was great and tailored exactly to my needs. I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun!
      It was a successful overall package, which now gives me more opportunities to have even more fun with photography!
      Thank you!
      I will definitely recommend you to others!!!


    3. Dear Mr Roskothen,

      Thank you very much for the great, instructive and informative training at our company.
      The training gives our product shots a whole new "glamour". I was also able to expand my knowledge in the area of portrait photography. Especially with group shots of the management and general employee photos. Thanks to the extensive consultation in advance, this training was perfectly tailored to our needs.

      Many thanks for that.
      We will certainly stay in touch.

      Yours sincerely

      Jeanette Maczula
      Marketing & Advertising
      EMZ Elektro-Maschinen-Zentrale GmbH

    4. Stefan Schnock

      Dear (amateur) photographers,
      the "journey is the reward", rarely does this saying fit as well as in photography. I've already read a lot about developing my photography "skills" or watched web videos, but this photography course with Peter as a gift from my wife was a really great idea. Good preparation, a personalised compilation of content followed by a really exciting, informative and enjoyable course was a great experience. I finally understood the relationship between aperture and exposure so well that I can use it effectively. With this crucial tip, I can now take really good pictures with the camera's manual setting. You can tell that Peter is really enthusiastic about Lightroom and he knows how to convey and infect this enthusiasm. Of course, I won't be able to copy everything 1:1, but I now shoot all the pictures as raw again and the creative process goes into the next round when I press the shutter release.
      The photo course was great, summer can come. The desire to try new things has been rekindled.
      Many thanks and best regards, Stefan

    5. Maike L.

      Dear Mr Roskothen!

      Here in the house you are "Peter", then everyone knows! I really must complain! Michael used to take a lot of photos, and I was also to be seen from time to time. Since his course with you, he has photographed EVERYTHING. We were at Lake Garda for a few days and it was really BAD. He was constantly stuck to walls, walls, ruins or waiting for the next ray of sunshine or for the tourists to finally leave the path so that he could capture the symmetry of the stones in the picture. However, there is one advantage to this photomania: I only briefly point out which shop I'm going to while he stands somewhere and takes pictures. This saves me having to deal with the male grumbling while I'm shopping and he can take the picture in peace. "Peter said ... (there are lots of examples here)" has also become a common saying in our house! I'm afraid he'll be coming back to your course next year at the latest to "talk shop". No, quite honestly: it must have been simply amazing, nice and great with you. The only question is how we will survive the summer holiday!!!!!!! Once again, my sincere respect for your work!

      Kind regards

      Maike L.

    6. Susanne Bien

      Hello Peter,

      Better late than never, I'd like to get rid of my comment about your photo training. I was a bit sceptical at first when I found you on the www. Such a training face to face with a professional... Am I completely embarrassing myself? Or won't it all be too much input???? What's the guy like, maybe totally arrogant????
      I was actually expecting something like a VHS course. On the other hand, such a course would certainly have its advantages. I could ask anything at any time, all my attention was focussed on one student.
      So I took heart and called you. By now all my doubts were gone. Your relaxed and friendly manner dispelled any doubts I had. (Even those of my not quite quick grasp of camera technology and photographic knowledge:-)
      But our appointment was going to be a while longer, it was just lousy and bitterly cold, so I postponed it again and again. You seemed to fully understand and I think that should be mentioned here :-)
      I was a little nervous on the day of the photo training, but after a short time the excitement had subsided. You really picked me up from where I was with a calm and fun approach. I felt really well looked after and had the feeling that I could ask anything without feeling stupid.
      It was a very educational and exciting experience for me and was almost topped when I found out about the excursion to Arcen. Of course I wanted to take part and it was a really great experience.
      Getting to know nice people, taking photos together and always having an expert at our side who doesn't leave us out in the rain with tips and tricks, but inspires us to try out new things, whether with or without flash, short or long exposure times - everything can be a topic.
      For me, this photo training course was an absolute enrichment and, especially with the excursions afterwards, the subject of photography remains very, very lively and is constantly being deepened.
      I hope you offer many more of these.....

      Best wishes


    7. Hello Mr Roskothen,

      I really liked your website with tips and tricks about photography.
      As a result, but especially through recommendation, I took part in your private macro workshop.

      Thank you once again for the intensive training, the book and, above all, the time you took for it.

      I've got to know my camera much better, got lots of good tips from you and am very excited about the first photos in manual focus...

      And if anyone wants to have a look at my photos, here is a link to the fc:

      I can only recommend Mr Roskothen with his warm and enthusiastic manner!

      The next course is already being planned...:-)

      Greetings to Grefrath from Alpen,

      Tina B.

    8. Meyer, B.

      Hello Peter,

      In many ways the Fuji seemed much more cumbersome than the Nikon I used before.

      After the one-to-one coaching with you, I am totally thrilled about how easy it can be when the settings are right.
      Only now have I learnt to appreciate the advantages of my camera.
      My Fujianese existence has received a significant motivation boost.

      Many topics were addressed and my questions were answered in detail. What's more, they were very friendly and competent.

      Learning on a 1:1 basis helped me more than in a course with several participants.

      The time flew by, it was great fun and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge.

      At first, the long journey seemed very time-consuming, but the extremely positive experience was more than worth the effort.

      I will certainly make my way to the Lower Rhine again.

      Thank you so much for this wonderful morning.

      Best regards,

      Beate M.

    9. Dear photo enthusiasts,

      If you are enthusiastic about learning photography and want to invest in yourself at a high level, I highly recommend a photography course or a photo excursion with Peter Roskothen! I recently experienced and enjoyed such an excursion/course. Thanks to his great empathy, Mr Roskothen succeeded in recognising all my priority needs and responding to them competently. In a wonderfully calm and really very understandable way, many gaps in my knowledge were filled and I was given brilliant practical tips and settings for the camera (FUJI X-T2). Many a mystery has been solved... ;-) Apart from the purely photographic-technical content of the course, I would also like to mention the wonderful atmosphere in which Mr Roskothen embedded the event. To be so pleasantly enriched with knowledge, skills and a good atmosphere in just a few hours is really something special.

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