Better application photos

Professional and better application photos play a important role in your application and the better the photographer and the photo studio, the faster you get to the Job interview:

Tips: For the Professional application photo is available photographically New trends:

  • Trends in application photos"Trendy" are Bleeds and application photos in the Landscape format. However, we are also happy to photograph classic portrait format and the Truncated landscape format. So you can choose from the digital portraits yourself.
  • "Application stripA "photo series" with several application photos below or next to each other is perfectly acceptable for social professions, for example. You can show more than one good photo and the photo series is highly attractive. Of course, we also continue to take individual application photos that are suitable for more "conservative" sectors.
  • Many applications are submitted online in application forums or as PDFs. You can use our photographs for online applications as well as conventional prints, because we photograph digital and you will receive the application photos as a file in various sizes.

The application photo for your cover letter

We will photograph you at your appointment in our Photo studio with a lot of time and empathy. This way, you will also enjoy the photo session and get natural and special portraits. After all, you have to apply with the pictures. Call us or Contact Peter Roskothen for further questions and to make an appointment (you will speak to your Photographer Peter Roskothen).

Our advice included

As a photographer for your application photo, I will be happy to advise you. We help you with know-how for your application photo, whether you work in sales, engineering, banking, media, hospital, marketing, PR, human resources, commercial, social professions, etc.. Our photographs are customised to your industry.

We will also be happy to explain to you what is important for the photos and how you can best use them.

Tips for better application photos

  • Exclusive application photos, photo studio photographer Peter RoskothenWear what you will be wearing for the job interview to the photo session in our studio
  • Do not use any greasy creams shortly before the photo shoot so that you do not shine in the photos. We can also powder you if required
  • Of course, you can bring and wear more than one outfit. You can quickly see which photos you like best on the large monitor in our photo studio
  • Do not wear shirts or blouses with eye-catching checks or patterns. Plain-coloured tops are best
  • We have more valuable tips for you. Simply make an appointment with us for your application photos

Would you like professional application photos?

Professional photographer Peter Roskothen with his own photo studio for Düsseldorf Neuss Kaarst Lower Rhine Ruhr areaTelephone: 0 21 58 40 40 62 or fill in the form:
(You will automatically receive a copy of your own message to us)

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More application photo tips >>

For professional job application photos you can easily reach us from Düsseldorf Kaarst Neuss Erkelenz Mönchengladbach Viersen, Krefeld Willich Kempen Grefrath Wachtendonk Nettetal Wesel Moers Geldern, Duisburg Oberhausen Essen and many other cities in NRW. Please ask me as a photographer for exclusive application photos.

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  1. Dirk W.

    My application photos turned out really nice and professional. Because each of the numerous photos is so good, I took all of them. The collage is a highlight. It makes every application stand out. Thank you very much for the relaxed shoot, the nice contact and the great photos!
    Dirk W.

  2. Michael N.

    As I am currently applying for a new job, I have decided to go for professional photos. When I was looking for a photographer, I chose Mr Roskothen. This decision turned out to be absolutely right. The quality of the photos clearly stands out from "normal" application photos. Mr Roskothen showed a lot of empathy during the photo shoot and managed to get me right for the photo. I can only say that Mr Roskothen is worth his money.

  3. M.Sc. and Dipl.-Bw. Frank R.

    Hello Mr Roskothen, the pleasant atmosphere at the shoot also resulted in pleasant pictures, which helped me a lot to get the position I was aiming for. I think that in today's world - where the individual is becoming much more important in the working environment - individual application photos play a key role. I am therefore very happy that I decided to use your services. Thank you very much.

  4. F. Knorre

    Dear Mr Roskothen.
    After our first telephone conversation, I/we knew that you were the man for our son's application photos. With a few tips on how to dress and some preliminary information, we attended the photo session. In a cosy, homely atmosphere, Mr Roskothen asked Lars about his hobbies and which job he would like to apply for. We had a lot to talk and laugh about. Lars became more and more relaxed and the application photos were correspondingly very good. Lars himself was delighted with Peter Roskothen and his manner and the photos we now have. Thank you again for your effort and commitment.

    With kind regards
    F. Knorre and Fam.

  5. K. Carpenter

    Peter, many thanks for the great application photos. For the first time, I'm really happy with my pictures. I've already had several attempts with other photographers and found the results "quite usable" at best. This time you can see from the pictures that they were taken in a relaxed atmosphere and that I didn't have to bend myself. I finally look like "me" for once.

  6. C.W.

    Dear Mr Roskothen,
    Thank you very much for the successful application photos! Your empathetic, sympathetic manner and the particularly pleasant atmosphere really helped me to relax after my initial apprehension. I really like the result and I am sure that these authentic photos will have a positive effect on the application process. All the best to you and continued success!

  7. Manuela Konze

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    Thank you very much for the great application photos. Finally, photos that I really like - and that's not a given. I already felt comfortable on the phone - and this was enhanced on site in your beautiful home in a feel-good atmosphere. It was a lot of fun and I can only recommend you. Now I finally have a good feeling about further applications. All the best to you and your wife for the future and continued success. Best regards Manuela Konze

  8. Anke N.

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    Not only can I come up with first-class application photos, I also had a wonderful time seeing them being taken. The cosy and familiar atmosphere with you immediately makes you feel at ease and relaxed.
    You have a wonderful ability to engage with people. I also liked the calmness with which we analysed the pictures together.

    The photos have been rated SUPER across the board. Even the job centre made an overwhelming comment. They get to see dozens of application photos.

    Thank you very much!

  9. A first-class photo shoot. I was quickly impressed by the pictures. Peter Roskothen knows how to take application and profile photos. I felt comfortable in the calm, pleasant atmosphere and received very competent advice. The photos have a great expression and put you in the right light in the truest sense of the word. Above all, they remain authentic.
    Thank you very much!

  10. J. Schippers

    I don't normally like photos of myself or photo shoots with me - but today was completely different. I go home in a good mood and knowing that from now on I have a great job application photo to call my own. Are you looking for a photographer who is committed, patient and competent at the same time? Then you can stop searching immediately. Pick up the phone and call Mr Roskothen. Any existing uncertainties have been allayed, undreamt-of chocolate sides discovered - great! Thank you Mr Roskothen!

  11. Wolfgang Bl.

    I went to Mr Roskothen's photo session with my partner. We were both delighted with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that Mr Roskothen created, as well as with the excellent pictures. I also found the thorough selection of the pictures together very good. With so many excellent pictures, you were spoilt for choice, but Mr Roskothen also had a very professional approach in this respect and gave very good decision-making aids, so that the three of us were always able to agree very quickly. In the end, I took three photos because I didn't want to have to choose between them. I really enjoyed the photo session. I've had job application photos taken by a professional studio before. The photos were also good, but Mr Roskothen is in a different league. When I first contacted him on the phone, I hesitated briefly because of the price, but Mr Roskothen is definitely worth the money.

  12. Melanie Op het Veld

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    Thank you very much for your professional and more than successful application photos. After just a short time, I had my dream job with these photos.

    Really highly recommended if you don't want to have 08/15 photos for your application but modern, expressive and beautiful pictures.

    Best regards
    Melanie Op het Veld

  13. Sarina D.

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    I would like to thank you once again.

    An incredibly spontaneous, professional, reliable and likeable photographer who made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to get involved with my indescribably good application photos. SAGENHAGFT!!!!

    I'll be back to get some great snaps with my daughter that she'll be completely at ease tickling out of your camera.

    I'm sure of it!

    Thank you very much and best regards from Nettetal,

    Sarina D.

  14. F. Stehr

    In the past, I wasn't particularly happy with my application photos. You could often tell that the photo session was rather unpleasant for me. There were also "technical errors" such as reflective glasses and cold, glassy eyes.

    That was completely different with Mr Roskothen. I felt very comfortable. The private atmosphere in his home and his pleasant and personable manner made it very easy for me to fully engage with the photo shoot. In addition, Mr Roskothen is a very professional and knowledgeable photographer who has a good eye for a favourable but also natural presentation. So it was no wonder that I was able to choose from many beautiful pictures at the end of the shoot. In the end, I now have three excellent pictures that I would not have thought possible beforehand and which, above all, reflect me one hundred per cent naturally. I am thrilled!

  15. Werner Luetkemeier

    Very nice, very spontaneous - great photos in a relaxed atmosphere

  16. Karin R.

    The photos on the website and the comments convinced me. At the appointment for my son's application photos, we were confirmed in our choice.
    The shoot was super pleasant and even my son, the "photo grouch", felt visibly comfortable.
    He can now present professional, really great photos (with outfit change).
    The journey from Mönchengladbach was worthwhile and the higher price is definitely appropriate, because the high quality is recognisable in the photos 100%.

  17. Heike Wendnagel

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    You have made the impossible possible! As I don't like to be photographed "on command", all previous appointments with photographers were more than disappointing. My tension was clearly visible in the photos every time, which made them a poor compromise. However, your small studio is completely different. I quickly found the atmosphere very pleasant and relaxing, which helped me a lot. Never before have I talked and laughed so much during a photo shoot - SUPER! I was particularly impressed by the idea of creating the application photos in landscape format - even with a crop. Something completely different from all the usual, boring application photos that everyone has probably known and had taken for far too long. I also really liked the detailed interpretation of my facial expression in the individual photos, which was not always immediately obvious to me, but which can be a decisive (exclusion) criterion in the eye of the beholder. All in all, I could have saved myself a lot of stress, disappointment and also costs if I had contacted you directly! Thank you very much for your co-operation and the beautiful photos that were taken. For the first time I recognise myself 100 percent! Thank you also for the "watchful" eyes...

  18. Ivan Masiuk

    Dear Mr Roskothen,

    I would like to thank you very much for the application photos you took for me. I think it is very important to have the right photo in the application process. In my opinion, it is on a level with experience and training. After the photo shoot at the end of June, I received several acceptances after two months. What I found particularly cool about the photo shoot was that you always reminded me of chocolate, so I had a good smile. I think your approach is very creative! I would like to say that spending money on a good application photo is not a bad idea. It's a pure cause-and-effect relationship. I have remained very satisfied with your work and will recommend you to my circle of friends. I wish you continued success and dynamic development.

    Best regards

    Ivan Masiuk

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